30 Jul

Autumn needs attention to the humidity of the house

The autumn gradually cools up and there is no sultry weather in summer. In order to maximize the production efficiency of the chicken farmers, please note that the chicken house should not be too humid. In the hot and rainy season in summer and autumn, the relative humidity of the house should be kept at 55% to 60%; if the humidity is too high, it will increase the effect of high temperature on the chicken. Then, how to reduce the air humidity of Poultry Rearing Equipment?

Timely clearing the manure of the house, accumulating in the house will increase the humidity and affect the heat dissipation, and must be cleaned up in time. It is best to clean the caged chicken once a day, and the flat chicken should be replaced with at least one dry fresh litter per week.



Increase the amount of ventilation, ventilation is an important measure to cool, dehumidify, dust, and keep the air inside the house. In the summer and autumn, the front and rear windows of the house should be opened and the air convection. It is also possible to install a large-power ventilating fan to increase the air flow inside the house and take away the heat generated by the water and the chicken body in time.

Maintain reasonable stocking density, density control depends on the age of the chicken, management style, ventilation conditions and seasons. The density of litter raising is smaller, and the raising or netting can be increased by 20% compared with the litter; the ventilation condition is good. The house size can be raised to a larger size. In the same area of ​​the chicken house, summer and autumn should be less than the winter and spring in poultry equipment manufacturers in kenya


Before the rainy season, repair the house to prevent rain. Use padding with good moisture absorption and replace it in time; litter and chicken manure are easily fermented in moisture, emitting various harmful gases, which have adverse effects on the flock, and must be cleaned of wet padding. Drinking water should not be overfilled to prevent overflow and water leakage.


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