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06 Aug

Is it better to raise chickens in cages or raise them in the flat?

More and more people choose to raise chickens. Large-scale farms still put laying hens in layer chciken cages. It is better to raise cages and raise them. This is the common breeding method for raising chickens. Some have just entered chickens. The farmers of the industry do not know what kind of breeding method to choose, so they always ask whether the laying hens in the chicken farm are caged or raised? Chickens can be raised according to their own needs. It does not say which breeding method is good. It can only be said that which farming method is more suitable, and this requires farmers to comprehensively consider the chicken breeds raised in the chicken farms and the scale of breeding, so as to choose the most suitable breeding method.







The net raises the chicken on a special net bed, which consists of a bed frame, a bottom net and a fence. It can be taken locally, and wood, bamboo and steel can be used. The size of the mesh is suitable for chicken feet without falling into the chicken. If a metal mesh bed is used, it can be made of 12 to 14 galvanized iron wire. The mesh size is 1.25 cm X 1.25 cm. The bottom net is 50 to 60 cm from the ground. The size of the net bed can be designed according to the size of the house, but there should be enough walkways for operation. Adopting online raising, the stocking density can be 50% to 100% more than the ground free-range. Online flat management is convenient, labor intensity is small, and chickens and chicken manure have less contact, which can significantly reduce the incidence of coccidiosis, but the investment is relatively large, and the incidence of chest cysts in chickens is more. In order to reduce the incidence of chest cysts in broilers, a layer of elastic square mesh or a nylon net can be used on the net. Disadvantages: Egg collection is a bit unreasonable and may have a high probability of breakage.


2. Cage

The cage is actually a three-dimensional chicken. They are kept in cages from shelling to sale. As the age and weight increase, it is generally possible to use the wording method of the transfer layer and the cage. The meat chicken cage is easy to mechanize and automate management. The utilization rate of the chicken house is high, the cost of fuel, litter and labor can be reduced, and the diseases such as coccidiosis can be effectively controlled, but the investment in caged chicken is large. The incidence of thoracic cysts is high, and there are more sternal flexion and soft leg disease. However, improving the structure of the cage bottom material, such as the elastic plastic cage bottom, will greatly reduce the incidence of chest cysts in broilers. Disadvantages: The frequency of insemination is high, and the semen rate is not well determined.



Is it better to raise chickens in chicken battery cages or raise them in the flat? Through the above analysis, we also understand that it is the best way to raise chicken according to your actual situation, so as to maximize the benefits of chicken raising.