25 Oct

Reasons and countermeasures for the sudden drop of egg production rate in layer cages

There are many reasons for the sudden drop in laying rate of laying hen cages. There are many reasons for the sudden drop in laying rate of laying hens.

  1. The environment The laying hen flocks are very strongly stressed to the environment, especially the light, temperature and ventilation are the most obvious.

① Light, such as the sudden stop of light in the chicken coop, shorten the light time, reduce the light intensity, etc., can cause the egg production to drop suddenly, especially in rural areas where there are frequent power outages and no backup lighting equipment, which has a more serious impact.

② Temperature, sudden increase or decrease in temperature, such as continuous sweltering weather in summer, formation of a high temperature environment in the house, or sudden cold current attack, will generally reduce the feed intake of the chickens, and the egg production will also decrease.

③ Ventilation, poor ventilation, turbid air in the house, and too strong ammonia smell can also cause a drop in egg production.

  1. Poor management is also an important factor leading to a sudden drop in egg production.

① Irregular feeding management procedures, such as one more meal but one less meal, insufficient drinking water supply, and random changes to operating procedures can cause a sudden drop in egg production.

② Abnormal noises, the appearance of strangers, livestock, vaccination or deworming treatment will not only cause a sudden drop in egg production, but also increase deformed eggs, soft-shelled eggs and broken eggs.

  1. Diseases There are many diseases that cause egg production to drop, among which the invasion of infectious diseases is particularly obvious.

There are two main types of infectious diseases that can cause a sudden drop in egg production.

① Viral infectious diseases.

For example, when the virulent Newcastle disease is invaded, the egg production rate of chickens can suddenly drop from 70% to 90% to 20% to 40%; there have been chickens suffering from mild Newcastle disease that suddenly drop the egg production rate by 20% to 40 % Of cases occur.

②Bacterial infectious diseases.

There are mainly colibacillosis, septic mycoplasmosis, infectious rhinitis and fowl cholera. Five and others. The main reasons are the synchronizing of laying hens' rest days or overdose of drugs.

When the egg production of the chicken flock is in a relatively stable state, if the number of chickens on a certain day is suddenly increased, the egg production will suddenly drop, but this phenomenon will generally return to the original in a short period of time. Egg production level. As for overdose, chicken poisoning or significant impact on egg production often occur.

The above is the analysis of the reasons for the sudden drop in egg production rate. It is recommended that farmers use automatic poultry chicken farming equipment to raise chickens. The chickens are centrally managed so that the farmers can observe the status of the chickens and find out the wrong chickens as soon as possible and deal with them.

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