08 Oct

Precautions for installation of poultry breeding equipment

The use of poultry chicken farming equipment to cooperate with chicken farming is very common in large-scale chicken farms. The use of chicken farming equipment has greatly improved the efficiency of chicken farming. Many farmers need to purchase the equipment. Install it by yourself, but when the farmers are unfamiliar with the principle of the parts during installation, problems may occur, which will affect the efficiency of the equipment in the future. Today, I will introduce to you what should be paid attention to when installing the chicken breeding equipment?

  • During operation, especially during installation and wiring, live operation is prohibited. Keep the operating environment dry and chicken battery cages to avoid the influence of humidity on the equipment. Keep the space. The drive of layer breeding equipment can be ventilated at any time.
  • Need to deal with static electricity well. Avoid excessive vibration during cultivation, and analyze the installation method and use anti-vibration measures to protect the equipment.
  • Farmers should apply lubricating oil on the mating surfaces of the parts when installing the moving parts. This can avoid dry friction and losses.
  • During the installation process, farmers must check the relative parts with marks, and must ensure the correct mutual position and movement relationship between them. For example, in the assembly of the timing gear in the gear chamber of a diesel engine, it is necessary to ensure the correct timing of fuel supply and gas distribution.
  • Farmers should try their best to use special tools and special equipment when installing. The choice of tools has a lot to do with installation efficiency. The correct tools can improve efficiency and ensure assembly quality.
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