17 Nov

How to build a chicken coop

How should chicken coops be constructed to facilitate operation and management? The facilitating production, management, and disease prevention work should be considered before the construction of chicken coops. The chicken coop should adapt to the needs of factory production, facilitate intensive operation and management, and improve the economic efficiency of breeding and product quality.



1. First of all, it is necessary to satisfy the functions of the chicken battery cage and create a good living environment for the growth, development, production and health of the chickens.


2. It meets the requirements of epidemic prevention and is conducive to the control of epidemic diseases. Conducive to the protection of the environment, the construction and planning of chicken farms should be based on achieving good environmental effects, with the goal of creating a pollution-free and pollution-free green and ecological chicken farm.


3. It meets the construction requirements, is conducive to construction, saves costs, and reduces construction costs.


4. The construction plan and layout of the chicken house should comprehensively consider the natural conditions such as the terrain, water source, traffic, dominant wind direction, and flow direction on the site, and take the starting point of facilitating production, management and epidemic prevention, saving construction funds and saving land area. First, consider protecting the production and living environment of the producers and the surrounding people, and try to keep them free from feed dust, feces and odors; secondly, provide a clean and suitable production environment for the chickens to prevent adverse factors from affecting the chickens , Provide a good environment for the production of pollution-free products.

17 Nov

The reason why automatic poultry farming equipment has become a trend

Now that the animal husbandry industry is showing a period of rapid development, the change brought about by this growth is that more and more large-scale farms replace small-scale farmers and become the main force of the market. Now the breeding industry pays attention to modern, large-scale, and intensive positive assets, and automatic poultry farming equipment has become a topic of concern.

Nowadays, many farms have achieved large-scale breeding, and it is necessary to carry out sustainable development. Because large-scale farming is only the increase in the number of farms and the high degree of automation, it can only go more long-term if it matches the long-term development.

The use of automatic poultry breeding equipment can greatly improve the breeding environment of the chicken house. If the breeding environment is improved, the overall health of the chicken flock will be improved, and the resistance to disease will also be improved, which virtually reduces the use of drugs. And the establishment of an automatic chicken house forms a relatively sealed environment, which is conducive to the environmental control of the chicken farm. In addition, the automatic chicken house saves feed, fuel and other breeding resources.

The above is the reason why the modern poultry farming equipment shared by the automatic chicken cage system manufacturers has become a trend. Hope that farmers are more willing to use poultry equipment to develop the breeding industry.

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