26 Nov

Several professional questions when buy battery chicken cages for automated poultry farming equipment

With the rapid development of the breeding industry, automatic chicken breeding equipment has been deeply loved by farmers. However, there are many types of poultry farming equipment on the market now, and it is difficult for farmers to buy poultry farming equipment. Here are some professional issues shared by automated poultry equipment manufacturers for farmers. Farmers need to know before buying.

  1. Determine the material of thechickencage

If the farmers want to make the chickens have a suitable living environment, they must first ensure the strength and toughness of the cages. The cages can be restored by themselves when they are deformed by holding the cages. This cage is suitable for the life of the chickens and will not be caused by the cages. It is hard and causes pectoral bursitis in chickens.

        2.  what antiseptic method is used

Observe whether the surface of the chicken cage is smooth and whether the gloss is good. Generally, the surface of the cage made by hot-dip galvanizing process is relatively smooth and will not cause scratches to the chickens, and the gloss of the cage is relatively good, and it looks beautiful and generous. The most important thing is that the battery layer cages processed by hot-dip galvanizing are corrosion resistant, will not rust, and have a long service life.


  1. Chassis setting skills

Since laying hens will lay eggs during the breeding process, farmers should pay attention to the wire spacing of the cages and the inclined surface of the chassis when purchasing cages. In order to ensure that the eggs can roll out smoothly without cracking, now, generally The wire distance is about 1.5 cm, and the slope of the chassis is 7-8 degrees.

  1. Choose a regular poultry cage manufacturer

The most important point is that when purchasing cages, farmers must go to a regular large manufacturer to purchase, because the process of production equipment of large manufacturers is strictly inspected, and the price of products directly sold by the manufacturer will be higher than the price of the equipment in the hands of the agent. Low. This not only guarantees the quality of the purchased products, but also saves a lot of purchase funds.

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