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chicken layers cage supplier teaches you to choose layers

Many farmers want to raise laying hens at first. But not how to choose laying hens. chicken layers cage supplier teaches you to choose layers


We all know that we are in the chicken industry. In addition to the continuous introduction of new equipment of various types of chicken breeding equipment. The selection of laying hens is also very important. When selecting the type, the purpose must be clear and not blindly introduced. There should not be many types in a chicken farm. Generally raise one to two, relatively simple to manage.

Selection of high-quality laying hens: egg breeders are required to be small in size, tightly hairy, compact, strong in seeking food, and have no nesting ability. Other appearance shapes, such as coat color, crown shape, earlobe, weight, etc., should meet the requirements of the type.



The combs, meat beards and face of high-producing hens are smooth and warm. The interpubic area is large and can accommodate 2-3 finger widths. The anus is smooth, loose, oblate, off-white. The abdomen is large, soft and elastic, and can accommodate more than 4 fingers from the pubic bone to the end of the keel.

For example, the White Laihang chicken, originally from Italy, is a more famous and important laying hen breed. The chicken is white and close to the body. The crown is big and bright red, the rooster's crown is thick and upright, and the hen's crown is big and falling to one side. The bill, shin, and skin are all yellow, and the ear lobes are white. He has a lively and active temperament, strong food-seeking ability and adaptability, but is sensitive to environmental reactions and is easily frightened.


The above are some of the key points of the chicken cage manufacturers for selecting the types of laying broilers. I hope that the above description can help the farmers better choose the types of laying broilers. Thank you for your attention!

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