09 Aug

How to build a farm for novice chickens?

Nowadays, the aquaculture industry continues to develop and its scale is also growing. Many people want to join the aquaculture industry. For novices, the first thing they have to face is how to build a farm.

Pay attention to the surrounding environment of the farm

For the breeding farm, paying attention to the surrounding environment and choosing the address of the breeding farm is the key first step. Keep the farm away from noisy places. According to the requirements of scientific breeding, the breeding farm should be far away from villages, schools and other densely populated areas due to water sources.

Pay attention to the structural design of the farm

Reasonably design the light time of the farm. For the breeding farm, the lighting equipment should be as simple as possible, and the color of the lights in the breeding farm should meet the preferences of the chickens. The scale of the farm should be appropriate.

For equipment installation on farms

Choosing modern breeding equipment to raise chickens can provide a quiet and comfortable environment for chickens. Farmers can purchase automatic chicken cages, automatic drinking water equipment, automatic manure removal equipment, automatic ventilation equipment, etc. Using them can reduce labor costs and save time and effort.

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