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The way to raise chickens using breeding equipment is that

What is the way to raise chickens using breeding equipment? do you know. Next, I will introduce several ways to raise chickens.

Chicken can be said to be the most consumed meat in the world. Its low price and various delicacies made of it make people want to stop. This huge market demand makes many people want to join the ranks of chicken raising. To raise chickens, you must first determine the breeding method. There are currently four mainstream chicken breeding methods: ground free range, off-ground free range, mixed ground raised, and caged. The following will bring you a specific introduction.





Landing and free range
is also called thick bedding and ground cultivation. Lay thick litter directly on the concrete floor. Chickens live on the dead face of litter. Broilers often use this form. In addition, developed countries are currently vigorously promoting welfare breeding of laying hens, and the method is mainly to transition from cage breeding to ground free-range breeding. Raising chickens in this way eliminates the restriction of chickens in cages with a small space. The chickens have a happy life and the quality of their products is higher. Their prices are higher than those of caged poultry products. The advantages of ground free-range rearing are simple equipment requirements and low investment. The disadvantages are that the rearing density is small and the chickens are in contact with feces, which is not conducive to disease prevention and control.


off-the-ground and online free-range
On-line flat rearing means that the flocks of chickens leave the ground and move on the net pieces made of metal or other materials. It is also called full-slatted ground. On the mesh (grid), slatted floors such as plastic mesh, metal mesh or plastic-coated mesh are laid flat, and the floor is generally about 600 mm above the ground. Chickens live on the slats, and their feces fall under the nets. The chickens do not directly touch the feces, which is conducive to disease control. This type of floor cares about the highest stocking density in raising, and it can raise 4.8 breeders per square meter, so the production capacity per unit of space is higher.


 Mixed ground flat breeding
The so-called mixed ground rearing is to divide the chickens into two parts: the ground and the net. The ground part is covered with thick bedding, and the net part is a slatted grid structure.

chicken cage
Cage raising means raising chickens in cages welded with wire. Different types of chicken cages are designed according to chicken breeds, genders and chicken ages, including chicken cages, growing chicken cages, layer cages, breeder cages and rooster cages.


The above are the four main breeding models in the current chicken industry. These models have their own advantages and disadvantages. You need to choose according to your actual situation, breeding goals and local conditions.

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