10 Aug

Effective selection of broiler cages and their maintenance

As people's demand for broiler food increases. Large-scale, automatic broiler cage breeding equipment came into being. So, what should farmers pay attention to in the selection of equipment and daily maintenance? Today we will talk about it.

Broiler equipment is actually a complete set of equipment. It includes automatic water supply system, automatic manure removal system, automatic feeding system, automatic ventilation system, and automatic lighting system. Next, let’s introduce the chicken cages in detail.

Under normal circumstances, the weight of the cage is 9 kilograms, 10 kilograms, and 11.5 kilograms. The material rigidity of the cage is divided into national standard and non-national standard. The rigidity is Q195 and Q235. The rationality of the cage design should also be considered. For example, if the diameter of the cage bottom, cage wire is 3.5 mm, the diameter of the vertical net cage wire is 2~2.5 mm, the surrounding of the cage bottom, the cage wire is encrypted, etc.

Choice of waterline. There are two types of water lines: round pipe water lines and square pipe water lines. The round pipe water line is cheap and easy to clean. The disadvantage is that the tube wall is thin and the sealing performance is relatively poor. The advantage of the square pipe water line is that the pipe wall is thick and the sealing is good, which provides convenience for the automatic lifting water line. The disadvantage is that the price is high and cleaning is inconvenient.

The maintenance and maintenance of breeding equipment is also very important. Farmers should communicate more with chicken cage suppliers. Farmers often learn from other successful farms to learn from successful experience. The use of breeding equipment should be repaired and maintained regularly. Professionals must be responsible.

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