05 Aug

The key points of scientific management of using modern chicken cages to raise laying hens

The use of modern chicken cages to raise laying hens requires scientific management. Only in this way can the advantages of this breeding method be brought into play. Ensure the health of laying hens, thereby improving the economic benefits of laying hens breeding.

First of all, farmers must establish a sound and scientific management mechanism. Laying hen farms should formulate a reasonable breeding system and conduct breeding management according to their own conditions. In the breeding process, the breeders should not change frequently and carry out detailed work on them. This is not easy to cause the flock's stress response.

House feeding and breeding should be equipped with complete supporting facilities in the house, including chicken cages, feeding systems, drinking water systems, etc. The design of chicken coops should be scientific and reasonable, and the location of feed lines and water lines should be reasonable to facilitate the drinking water for layer hens. At the same time, we must also pay attention to reasonable design to ensure the sanitation of the breeding environment.

Strengthen disease prevention in chicken flocks. Chickens have poor disease resistance, so disease prevention must be strengthened. Farmers pay attention to strengthening the daily sanitation and disinfection of the chicken house. This can reduce the number of pathogenic microorganisms in the breeding environment, thereby reducing the function of infectious diseases, and can effectively control the spread of diseases. Some health-care drugs can be fed to the laying hens to improve the disease resistance of the chickens. In addition, immunization must be done according to the immunization plan of the site.

Maintain a good hygienic environment in the chicken house. The most important thing for automatic breeding equipment to raise chickens is the environment. The quality of the breeding environment determines whether it will play an important role in the health and production performance of the laying hens. Also pay attention to controlling the temperature, humidity, and air quality of the chicken house. Farmers should also reasonably control the stocking density of the chicken coop, so as to increase the productivity of the laying hens.

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