18 Sep

About some advantages when using stacked layer cages

With the development of the animal husbandry industry, more and more people have joined the breeding industry. Nowadays, most farmers in the chicken industry choose to use stacked layer cage equipment for their own chicken farms when they raise layer hens. Because most farmers know that using stacked layer cages can not only bring convenience and efficiency to their own breeding, but also have very considerable economic benefits. Although so many people have chosen stacked layer cage breeding equipment, few farmers understand the specific advantages of using stacked layer cage breeding. Therefore, let’s give the farmers a detailed introduction below. Here are the specific advantages of stacked layer cages.




1. The production process of stacked layer cages is a new hot-dip galvanizing process. The use of the new hot-dip galvanizing process can not only increase the service life of the chicken cage, but also save the farmers the funds for replacing the cage during the breeding process, which is also a considerable expense.


2. The surface of the layered layer cage mesh is very smooth, and the smooth surface is not easy to cause damage to the cute chickens, so that it can effectively prevent the chicken feet from being injured and infected.


3. The cascading layer cage adopts a push-pull cage door, which can facilitate the farmers to catch and release the layers and reduce the stress response of the flock.


4. The cascading layer cage has a small footprint and makes full use of the space. This can save the farmers the use of the chicken house area, and can also prevent the chickens from contacting the chicken house manure, effectively reducing the occurrence of chicken diseases.


5. The cascading layer cage has good scalability. Farmers can adjust the size of the site according to their actual needs. You can also add some automatic feeding, drinking and manure removal equipment, so that the automation of breeding can be realized.


The above is a summary of the advantages arising from the use of stacked layer cages. I hope that through today’s summary and sharing, farmers who often use stacked layer cages can have a more comprehensive understanding of this equipment. Oh and master.

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