08 Jul

Chickens Dead from Heat in Summer


It is not easy to raise chickens under high temperature conditions in summer, because once the heatstroke is not good, the death of the flock will occur. Usually, if the temperature exceeds 30 degrees, the probability of the chicken being killed by heat is greatly increased .


In summer, the temperature of the chicken is too high, and in this case, the chicken is prone to heat stress. The degree of heat stress is also different. Lightly affects feed intake, reduces immunity, and quickly kills.

In the summer, the chicken house will be powered off, and a batch of dead chickens will appear in a short time. The chickens caused by this situation are killed in large numbers for the following reasons.


First, under high temperature conditions, the heart rate of the chicken rises rapidly, the blood flow speed increases, and a large amount of blood in the chicken body is concentrated in the muscles and the upper respiratory tract, while the liver and kidneys and other internal organs that require blood have insufficient blood flow, and in severe cases, the chicken liver Kidney failure, then it will die.

Second, the high temperature in the chicken house will cause the chicken's respiratory rate to rise explosively, from about 20 minutes in a normal minute to about 100 times a minute. The respiratory rate is too high, the body's carbon dioxide is discharged in large amounts, the concentration of H+ and HCO3- in the blood is drastically reduced, and the pH value is rapidly increased, thereby causing respiratory alkalosis and causing death.

Third, the temperature of the house is too high, which may cause respiratory alkalosis. If the temperature is too long, the chicken's respiratory system and abdominal muscles are overwhelmed, the respiratory rate will drop rapidly, a large amount of carbon dioxide will accumulate in the body, and H+ in the blood. The concentration of HCO3- is too high, and the pH changes from alkali to acid, causing respiratory acidosis. This will further trigger the death of the flock in poultry cage manufacturer in china.

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