31 Aug

Do you know the advantages of raising chickens in automated layer cages?

Automatic layer cages are very common chicken cages. Chicken cage system breeding is cleaner than free-range breeding and can ensure the health of chickens. Many farmers are using it. Why is the utilization rate of automated chicken farming equipment so high?



  • The chicken coop uses a hot-dip galvanizing process. This will allow the chicken coop to be used for more than 15 years, and it is not afraid of chicken manure corrosion.


  • The welded joints of the chicken coop are smooth. There are no cracks and scratches. In this way, the chicken feet will not be injured after the chicken cage mesh is formed. It also prevents the production of Staphylococcus caused by the infection of the feet of chickens due to wire lacerations.


  • It can automatically feed, drink, ventilate, pick up eggs, and clean manure. The degree of automation is relatively high. Reduce the labor cost of farmers.


  • Can effectively use the space of the chicken coop. Because the cage is generally three or four layers. In this way, the space above the chicken coop is used.


  • Easy to assemble. Farming is more convenient. It will also be better managed. Saving space can effectively prevent infectious diseases and increase the survival rate of chickens.


  • The automatic manure removal system selects conveyor belt type manure removal. High cleaning efficiency. No fecal residue remains. reduce environmental pollution. High chicken manure reuse rate.


  • Investment province. The cascaded breeding equipment is selected under the same breeding plan, the breeding density is high, the land is saved, and the degree of intensification is high.



The above is the summary of the advantages of automatic chicken breeding equipment. I believe that many farmers have already moved.


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