29 May

Extend the skill of laying eggs

The ultimate goal of raising chickens in poultry farming equipment is to increase the efficiency. The higher the egg production of the laying hens, the better the economic benefits of the farmers. Therefore, many farmers will find some feeding techniques for the laying hens to produce more eggs, so as to improve economic efficiency and extend production. At the peak of the egg, you can't blindly raise it, and you need to carry out scientific feeding methods.

1,Adjust the ratio of energy protein in feed: Whether the ratio of energy and protein in feed is appropriate is related to the performance of laying hens. Many farmers have more than 21% crude protein in chicken feed, and chickens take
too much protein. One increases the burden on the kidneys, causing the protein to become uric acid excreted with the feces, causing waste; the second is that the high protein feed price is expensive, resulting in higher feed costs.

2,Protein supplementation: During the laying of laying hens, farmers should pay attention to the sufficient protein. Farmers should feed different standard compound feeds, especially protein content, according to different egg
production rates.

3, control energy: Although energy is the principle and nutrition of laying hens, but during the laying period, farmers should pay attention to control the energy content, strictly control the energy level in the feed, on the one hand
can prevent the chicken body from being overweight, on the other hand Prevent feed waste.

4,Reasonable calcium supplementation: Calcium is an indispensable nutrient for laying hens. Generally, laying hens will be deficient in calcium during laying, so farmers should pay attention to calcium supplementation in laying hens at
12-18 hours per day.

5,supplemental lighting: the intensity of light and the time of light will affect the performance of laying hens.

6,Strengthen feeding management: In order to ensure the smooth performance of laying performance of laying hens, farmers should pay attention to the critical period when the chickens reach their peak. They must try their best to create
all suitable conditions, reduce various stress factors and maintain the health of the chickens. High production and stable production, extending the duration of the peak period.

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