22 May

Feeding points for chickens in summer chicken cages

Chickens are kept in chicken cages, and the breeding density is large and the number is large. Therefore, when using chicken battery cages to raise chickens in summer, they are more susceptible to high temperatures. If farmers do not take timely cooling measures to effectively cool down, then it will easily affect the healthy production and growth of the flock, and will also cause heat stress in the flock. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal growth and production of summer flocks, farmers must take the following measures:


1. Improve the environment of automatic poultry farming equipment and chicken houses: In summer, the temperature is relatively high, so farmers should pay attention to controlling the temperature of the house. There is a variety of ways to cool the chicken house by creating a suitable growing environment for the chickens. More commonly used is the installation of chicken equipment fan blinds in the chicken house to carry out mechanical cooling, and also can ventilate the chicken house, the harmful gases and ammonia of the chicken house are discharged, high efficiency and energy saving, which is commonly used by farmers. method.



2. Adjust the feeding method: Due to the high temperature weather in summer, the feed intake of the general flock will decrease. Then the intake of the feed does not meet the nutritional standards required by the body, and the laying performance and growth of the flock will be affected. Therefore, when farmers need to adjust their feeding, try to choose a cool time in the morning or in the afternoon. In addition, the concentration of each nutrient component in the feed should be increased appropriately. It is necessary to do a good job of matching and pay attention to the adaptability of the feed.


3. Fresh water supply: In the hot weather in summer, people often feel thirsty, and chickens are no exception. Summer chickens have much higher water demand than other seasons. Therefore, farmers should pay attention to the uninterrupted supply of water, pay attention to the freshness and sanitation of water, and the water should be kept cool, the temperature should be 10-13 °C.


4. Strengthen the prevention and treatment of diseases: Summer is a season that is relatively easy to breed bacteria and proliferates of pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, farmers should raise diseases in the summer to prevent diseases. In addition to timely and reasonable scientific immunization, farmers should also do environmental sanitation and disinfection of the house to prevent mosquitoes and external parasites and eliminate the spread of the disease.





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