08 Jul

How to clean and maintain the chicken cage of laying hen equipment?

We will clean everything after using it for a long time, and the chicken cage is no exception. Chicken cages for laying hens can be seen everywhere in the chicken factory, and the chickens will shit every day, so there will be a lot of dirty things attached to the chicken cage. It is not easy to clean up after a long time, so how should we clean up?


At this time, we should first disassemble the poultry farming cage, and then soak it in water until the dirt is soaked and then rinsed with clean water. Let me talk about the maintenance of the chicken cage.


The chicken cage can extend its service life if it is well maintained. When using chicken coops at ordinary times, we must be careful not to forcefully pull, pull, or close the door. Note that these can greatly reduce the collision between the chicken coops. Also, do not put the feed around the chicken cage when feeding the feed, this can also reduce the chicken bite.






To keep the chicken cage dry, do not rinse it with water or disassemble the cage at will when cleaning is not required. Usually just use it normally and then do the cleaning work according to the steps on time.

There are many types of chicken cages, which can be divided according to the type of chickens: layer cages, broiler cages and chick cages, etc. The requirements of different types of chickens for the cages and automatic poultry farming equipment are also different. First of all, it depends on the size of your chicken farm and the type of chicken, and it depends on whether the price is reasonable, and you can buy a good quality and cheap chicken cage. When buying, you need to pay attention to the material of the chicken cage, the spacing of the iron bars at the bottom of the cage, and the connection of the bottom net between the chicken cage and the chicken cage

The material selection of the chicken cage is very particular. When buying, choose a suitable and tough material, and the spacing of the wires at the bottom of the cage is about 2 mm. If the spacing of the wires is too large, the egg breaking rate may increase. The spacing of the iron bars at the bottom of the cage is very important for the selection of chicken cages. The spacing is generally 2.5 cm by 5 cm. Some people think that the size of the broiler is large, so it doesn't matter if the spacing of the iron bars at the bottom of the cage is larger, but this idea is incorrect. And I also suggest that chicken farms with economic conditions can lay a layer of plastic mesh at the bottom of the cage that is the same size as the mesh at the bottom of the cage. The plastic mesh can cushion the impact of eggs falling from the chicken cage, which will greatly reduce eggs Broken egg rate.


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