08 Dec

How to maintain chicken raising equipment

Many people have already had some understanding of our stepped automatic egg collection equipment, etc., and have also introduced it to everyone. Today, we will introduce how to maintain the chicken raising equipment

1, chicken equipment must be carried out in strict accordance with the safety operation procedures, remember not to overload use, ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment, if there are any unsafe factors should be eliminated in time;

2. Regularly refuel or change oil, without dry friction, to ensure that the oil pressure is in normal loading and the oil passage is unblocked;

3. Tools, etc. are placed neatly, and lines and pipelines are organized;

4. Ensure that all parts of the equipment are free from oil leakage and air leakage. How to maintain the chicken raising equipment to clean up the surrounding sundries.

Automatic feeding equipment for raising chickens Automatic feeding line for raising chickens must pay attention to the following points in daily use:

1. After raising a batch of chickens, grease the motor shaft of chicken feeding line for maintenance. The motor bucket can drop a few drops of vegetable oil to prevent rusting.

2. After raising a batch of chickens, check the buckle of the feed line and the screws in the lifting system and tighten them again.

3. What are the maintenance methods of the line switch controlled by the material line and the touch equipment? Check whether there is looseness to prevent poor contact.


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