17 Jul

How to properly maintain the chicken cage?

Modern poultry farm equipment - Chicken cages are specialized feeding methods for farmed egg broilers. The use of chicken cages for breeding can make it easier and more efficient for farmers to raise and manage. However, farmers should pay attention to, in order not to affect the realization of the economic benefits of the chicken farm, so that the chicken cages play a role in the chicken farm for a long time, the farmers need to do the maintenance work of the chicken cage.

1. Clean up the chicken cage: Before starting the breeding, or after the chickens are out, the farmers should clean the chicken cage. Thoroughly remove dirt such as chicken manure, feathers, coal ash, etc., clean the roof, walls, doors and windows, etc., so that there is no dust inside.

2. Cleaning the chicken cage: After cleaning the chicken cage, the farmer should clean the chicken cage in time and the tools in the chicken cage. After soaking the tool with disinfectant, rinse it with clean water and dry it; there should be no water on the ground of the chicken cage, and any surface inside the chicken cage should be flushed in place, no dead angle, no dirt attached. Pay special attention to the roof of the chicken cage, which should be cleaned from top to bottom. After the tool and the ground are dry, it can be disinfected. It can be used with Oufu or Ante 2000 disinfectant.

3. Overhaul work: After the above work is completed, the farmer will start to overhaul the chicken cage, check the chicken cage for damage, repair the net bed, repair circuit and heating tools. The tool can at least guarantee to raise a batch of chickens, otherwise it should be replaced, and the damaged bulbs should be completely replaced. It is best to use energy-saving bulbs.

4. Disinfection of the cage: Move the tools and utensils into the cage, close the doors and windows and the ventilation holes. It is required to be closed and tight without leakage, spray disinfection, ventilation after 10 hours of disinfection, and after 3-4 hours of ventilation, close the doors and windows. All the ceiling walls and net beds of chicken cages should be disinfected with high-efficiency and non-corrosive disinfectant, and prepared according to the proportion of the instructions. Ground disinfection should be sprayed with 3% hot alkali water or lime.

5. Fumigation and disinfection: Fumigation and disinfection is a relatively thorough method of disinfection. Farmers should pay attention to closing doors and windows and vents when fumigation, check whether the temperature and humidity meet the requirements, and seal the door immediately after completion. During the empty house disinfection, no one or animal enters the chicken cage. After fumigation, the doors, windows and vents are opened 24-36 hours, and the air is fully ventilated.

Through the above knowledge of chicken cage maintenance introduced by farmers, we should have a preliminary understanding of the correct maintenance methods of chicken cages. This is also the method of disinfection of chicken cages. You can refer to the knowledge in the article to do the maintenance and disinfection of chicken battery cages for chickens, so as to ensure their normal use in the farm. In addition, when purchasing chicken cages, the quality and structure of the chicken cage will also affect the future use of the farmers.














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