29 Jul

Main points of the construction of the chicken house with automatic layer cage equipment

Farmers want to raise chickens and want to use automatic poultry farming equipment to raise chickens. The first thing to do is to build a scientific and reasonable layer chicken house. Whether the construction of the chicken house is reasonable or not depends on the control of the environment of the chicken house and the placement of equipment. Therefore, when building a chicken house, farmers must seriously study the construction of the house, and consult experienced farmers or manufacturers. The author will introduce the construction points of the chicken house.

1. In most areas, the southeast wind is dominant in the hot season and the northwest wind in the cold season, so farmers can choose to go north in the construction of the chicken house. This high temperature will be conducive to ventilation, and the cold season can also avoid the northwest wind attack, which is conducive to the warmth of the chicken house.

2. Farmers must ensure the height of the house when building the house. On the one hand, the high house can have good ventilation effect. On the one hand, it can choose to compare the high-level layer chicken cage for breeding, which can increase the number of breeding.

3. When selecting the materials used in the construction of the chicken house, Dajia suggests that the farmers can choose mechanical bricks or hollow bricks. Most of the roofing materials are mechanical tiles or double-layered asbestos tiles, and materials such as prefabricated panels are also used. At present, some chicken houses have color steel plates for walls and roofs, and the cost is slightly higher, but the thermal insulation performance and durability are very good, so farmers can choose their own.

4. The use of fully automatic layer chicken cage equipment for breeding, it is necessary to build a closed chicken house, the use of electricity in the lighting and cooling. Therefore, farmers must choose a place with better electricity. Once the house is short of electricity, the consequences will be very serious.

5. The layout of the chicken house should be reasonable. When designing the farmer, the production area should be separated from the non-production area to affect the growth of the chicken group. When choosing a site, it is necessary to know if there has been an outbreak in the local area, and if there is any need to avoid it.




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