12 Nov

Method of thoroughly disinfecting chicken farms

People who raise chickens know that the disinfection of chicken houses is the most important thing. Only clean chicken houses and Poultry Rearing Equipment can provide a good living environment for chickens. Since chicken cages are used at high frequency, it is necessary to go to chickens more often. The cage is disinfected, so what are the ways to disinfect?


First of all, the temperature and humidity of the house have a certain impact on disinfection. The disinfection requires the full effect of temperature and humidity. Different disinfectants have different requirements on temperature and humidity. The temperature (when the drug cannot be heated) is 20 to 24 ° C, and the relative humidity is 60% or more. If the temperature and humidity do not meet the above criteria, this  learning response is not sufficient, except for the waste of drugs, the effect is not satisfactory.




The remaining feed, feces, feathers, etc. on the surface of the chicken cage and Chicken Breeding Equipment Machinery will affect the disinfection effect and affect the disinfection effect. Therefore, the surface of the equipment should be cleaned before disinfection before thorough disinfection. Thoroughly rinse the surface of the disinfectant: again remove the fine organic matter that remains on the surface of the disinfectant to disinfect the effect.


Clean is the guarantee of disinfection: any unclean object will directly affect the disinfection effect. It is hoped that the above methods can help farmers to better disinfect and increase the economic benefits of a good living environment for chickens.


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