01 Aug

Misunderstanding of giving medicine to chicken

1. Long-term medication, because many chicken farmers lack the corresponding knowledge of medication, long-term addition of drugs in the feed, the result is that the drug accumulates in the chicken body damage to the kidney, causing poisoning; drug resistance, increase chicken disease The difficulty of post-treatment.


2. Abuse of drugs, if the chicken is sick, if you do not add diagnosis, relying on your own experience, countless hearts, blind choice of drugs, will delay the best time to cure, can not achieve the benefits of treatment. After the chicken is sick, it is necessary to diagnose it in time, find out the cause of the disease, and prescribe the right medicine.


3. Many chicken farmers believe that the quality of the drug is not guaranteed, increase the dose to ensure the efficacy; others believe that the larger the drug dose, the better the treatment effect; the same drug is produced by different manufacturers, the drug content is not necessarily the same However, the chicken farmers did not pay careful attention, and the results were too large with the same drugs in Chicken Breeding Equipment Machinery.





4. Sometimes the chicken farmers do not know the role of the drug. One or several drugs are mixed to feed the chicken, but this will cause the drug to be too effective, and the poor efficacy will cause the chicken to die.


5. There are many kinds of medicines on the market, many of which exaggerate the role of drugs, but the effect of the drugs bought is generally not expected, and it also causes a certain economic loss, so don’t believe too much, or the most it is good

6. Since many chicken farmers often try to save trouble or conditional restrictions, all drugs are administered by mixing or drinking water, and they are not used in accordance with the correct route of the drug, so that they do not have the effect of preventing and treating chicken diseases, and sometimes Bring side effects. Or according to the actual situation of chicken disease, select the appropriate drug, take the correct route of administration, in order to give full play to the drug efficacy in  poultry equipment manufacturer in china.


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