25 Feb

Precautions for raising chickens in winter

In the winter, farmers usually choose to use chicken battery cages for centralized breeding. What should we pay attention to in the process of concentrated farming?

The average weight of the flock is an important indicator to measure the health of a flock. The weight of the chicken is important for the chicken to cope with environmental changes and diseases. Especially for laying hens, the demand for nutrition in the laying stage is relatively high. High, self-metabolism and maintenance of egg production require energy. In the winter, the temperature should be kept at a low temperature. If the nutrient supply is insufficient, it will easily lead to fluctuations in the weight of the chicken, resulting in weight loss, and is also prone to disease. To keep the weight of the chicken stable, do the following work.

1. Do a good job of preventing and controlling parasites. Parasites have a great influence on the growth of chickens. It is necessary to do a good job of prevention and control. If the breeding environment is not good, or the sanitary conditions of the chicken houses are poor, parasites such as chicken mites and chicken mites will grow in large numbers. It will accelerate the loss of nutrients in the chickens, leading to malnutrition of the chickens, which will lead to fluctuations in the weight of the chickens. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the management of the house environment, do a good job of sanitation, and regularly disinfect and deworm to ensure the healthy growth of the flocks.

2. Prevent the occurrence of nutritional metabolic diseases. The low temperature in winter in the northern region leads to imbalance of some flora, which will cause the occurrence of nutritive metabolic diseases in chickens, such as the group of chicken diarrhea, which will reduce the absorption of nutrients, and the low temperature will consume the energy of chickens. Weight will decrease in the short term, causing other diseases.

3. Guarantee the supply of high quality full price feed. The weight growth of chickens is mainly the full supply of feed, especially in the cold conditions of winter, but also pay attention to the comprehensive and balanced nutrition. In the selection of feed, we must ensure the supply of high-quality full-price feed, so as to ensure that the chicken is adequately nutritious, meet the needs of egg production, metabolism and cold resistance, and ensure that the body weight is not reduced due to changes in external conditions.
4. Stimulate the feeding of the cluster. As the chicken itself has a stress response to temperature, the feed intake of the flock will increase significantly in winter. If the weight of the flock is normal, there is no problem in the basic appetite, but if the chicken group is lighter, it is necessary to take measures to stimulate the flock to feed, so as to achieve the purpose of weight gain; In addition, separate isolation methods should be adopted to carry out additional nutrient addition to achieve the purpose of weight gain, so that the low-weight chicken population is increased and the uniformity is maximized.

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