22 Dec

Reasonable combination and significance of poultry battery cages for layers

Modern poultry farms have a lot of automatic poultry farming equipment. Although many people seem to have a relatively simple role in their eyes, they must be used correctly and properly deployed. Only the chicken farmers know its meaning. What are the functions of the commonly used equipment?

Poultry cage system for layers. Now more farmers are more willing to choose automated poultry cages to raise chickens. Cage raising can be convenient for feeding and management. Each chicken is fed evenly without disorderly order. Diseases are detected early to prevent fighting and preying between chickens. For example, the height of the chicken cage and the large chicken cage and the space of the cage are different, and their drinking equipment and heat preservation equipment are different. 

Chicken manure cleaning equipment is necessary for farms. The tools generally required for manual manure cleaning are shovel, bucket truck and other tools that can clean manure. Many large-scale investments choose machines to clean the manure. In cages, manure scraping equipment or conveyor belt manure cleaners are installed to realize automatic manure removal and reduce labor costs.


Chicken eating utensils, relatively small chicken farms are all artificially fed. The utensils include troughs, buckets, artificial water dispensers and automatic drinking fountains, etc. The large-scale ones are generally automatically fed and installed in cages. There are various feeding systems and automatic drinking water systems, which greatly reduces labor costs.

There are two types of exhaust equipment in the chicken house. There are two main types installed and fixed in the chicken house. One is the exhaust fan installed on the roof. The natural wind exchanges with the air in the chicken house. The size of the installed air outlet determines The size of the wind also determines the air exchange in the chicken house. The other is to install a fan or exhaust equipment in the chicken house. The fan is to send fresh air to the outside of the chicken house. The exhaust is to exhaust the odorous air from the chicken house. The role of ventilation.

For the disinfection facilities of chicken farms, large-scale chicken farms generally have a disinfection tank at the entrance of the chicken farm. Outsiders or staff who often go to the chicken farm must step on their feet for disinfection when entering the chicken farm. Professionals also have special disinfected clothes to change. The staff in the venue are equipped with uniform work clothes and shoes. They must first go through the disinfection area to enter the venue. Vehicles passing by when the chickens go out of the slaughter and when they enter the chicks are equipped with disinfection facilities, and the vehicles are sprayed with disinfectant water or other spray disinfection methods.

The above is the introduction and significance of the chicken cage, manure removal equipment, feeding equipment, disinfection equipment, etc. in the poultry equipment. It is hoped that farmers can seriously consider poultry equipment manufacturers’ sincere suggestions to use poultry breeding equipment to develop intensive breeding.

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