30 Oct

Reasonable Use of Cages in Chicken Farms

More and more breeders choose chicken cages to raise chickens. How to use chicken cages to raise chickens is very important in chicken production. The usage methods of several chicken cages are briefly introduced as follows

1. brooding cage

Chickens aged 0 ~ 30 days are generally raised. The specifications of this kind of cage are 187×60×30cm in general. It is a cuboid structure with the middle separated. Both sides of the chicken cage can be fed. There are adjusting nets on both sides of the cage, which can be used for brooding and breeding. The net at the bottom of the chicken coop is relatively dense and has long squares. According to the structure of the cage, it is generally a three-dimensional structure, divided into 3 or 4 layers. A dung receiving plate is arranged between the layers. Troughs and water tanks are hung on both sides of the chicken cage for chicks to eat and drink. The advantages of using chicken cages are to make full use of the area of the brooding room, facilitate heat preservation and disinfection, separate chicken and chicken manure, reduce the occurrence of coccidiosis and other diseases, and improve the survival rate.


2. Nurturing cages

It is mainly used for 30-140 day old chickens. The specifications of the cage are divided into four doors and five doors, generally 187×33×50cm and 195×33×50cm. In installation, it is generally a herringbone stepped three-layer structure. Staggered layers of chicken manure leaked to the bottom of the cage. The trough and sink are hung on one side of the chicken cage to enable the chicken to eat and drink. The characteristics of the rearing cage are that the steel wire used in the chicken cage is thinner and the bottom net is denser, which is generally suitable for chickens after brooding and before laying eggs.





3. layer chicken cage

Generally used for laying hens. Egg cages are characterized by thick steel wires, elasticity and egg receiving plates. Chickens lay eggs in the cages and the eggs roll out of the cages for easy collection. If the steel wire is too thin, it is easy to make the chicken coop droop, so the bottom of the coop must be provided with supporting steel bars to prevent the chicken coop from drooping.


4. Planting Chicken Cages

The main breed of rooster is 187×45×50cm, with 6 doors, each cage should weigh 9 ~ 10kg. A rooster is kept in one cage, and the installation method is basically the same as that of an egg chicken cage. This kind of cage is characterized by thick steel wires and large cage doors, which are convenient for catching chickens and collecting fine chemicals. In addition, there are broiler cages, the size of which is basically the same as that of egg cages.


In a word, the scale of chicken battery cages is the same from place to place, and the use method is basically the same. Using chicken coops to raise chickens can reduce the amount of exercise of chickens, reduce the energy consumption of chickens, and facilitate feeding management, epidemic prevention and disinfection. Reasonable use of chicken cages for raising chickens can reduce the labor intensity of breeders, reduce the raising cost and improve the economic benefits of raising chickens.


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