06 Jul

Recommendations for raising chickens in broiler breeding equipment

Nowadays, there are more and more users who use all kinds of automatic poultry farming equipment to breed broilers, and broilers are released quickly. Farmers can obtain economic benefits in about 50 to 60 days, but it is precisely because of the benefits obtained by breeding broilers There will be some problems in management, these problems may affect the meat production rate and health of broilers Breeding equipment



1. No sterilization before raising chickens: No matter in new or old chicken houses, farmers must thoroughly disinfect the chicken houses before entering the chicks to avoid the presence of bacterial pathogenic microorganisms, but most chicken farmers are Insufficient preparation leads to incomplete disinfection, and chickens are susceptible to diseases, so farmers must thoroughly disinfect before entering the chick, all equipment and tools must be disinfected


2. Don't pay attention to the choice of chicks: the source of chicks in some farmers is not clear enough, which leads to unclear chick health. When choosing chicks, farmers must buy them from breeding farms with production licenses and reliable quality.


3. Unreasonable drinking and feeding of chickens: The feeding and drinking of chicks is very important. Drinking too late will lead to dehydration and death of the chicks. Too late to eat will cause some chicks to eat other foreign bodies. Farmers should After receiving the chicks in the cage, let them rest for 30 minutes in the transport box, and then release the free drinking water for 2-3 hours (24-36 hours after the chicks are out of the shell to drink), and then sprinkle the ingredients on the serving tray. Free to eat. Anti-epidemic drugs can be added to drinking water.


4. The temperature of the brooder house is improperly controlled. The chicks need to have a relatively high temperature just after birth to ensure healthy growth. The farmer should control the temperature at 33-35℃ during the first week of entering the chicks. Because the survival rate of chicks is directly affected by temperature, too low temperature will cause the temperature of the chicken body to drop, and the resistance will be weak, thus causing various diseases. Too high temperature will cause thermal effects and heat stroke.


5. Low awareness of sanitation and epidemic prevention: The environmental sanitation of the battery cage for chickens is the key to ensuring the healthy growth of the chicken flock. Therefore, the hygienic management of the chicken house is very important.  recommends that farmers should have special shoes and clothes when entering and leaving. Don't keep people in and out of the house at random. If sick chickens appear, be conscious of rapid isolation and disinfection. In terms of disinfection, farmers must have the concept of regular disinfection.

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