20 Nov

Restricted feeding method for broiler cages

When using broiler battery cages to raise chickens, there are many ways to restrict feeding, such as limited time method, limited method and limited quality method.

a. Time-limited method: It is to control the feed intake by controlling the feed time of chickens, so as to achieve the purpose of weight control and sexual maturity. Broiler cages are specifically divided into the following categories:

Daily feeding limit: A certain amount of feed and drinking water are fed every day, and the number of feedings and the time of each feeding are specified. This method has less stress on chickens. Some people use the method of feeding 15 to 30 minutes every 2 to 3 hours, which can improve the feed conversion rate.

Restricted feeding every other day: that is, feeding for 1 day, stopping for 1 day, and concentrating the amount of feed for two days (48 hours) on one day. Sprinkle the feed evenly in the trough on the feeding day, remove the leftovers in the trough on the feeding day, and do not give other food, but provide enough water, especially on hot days. This method is more stressful to chickens and can be used to limit feeding for chickens with overweight.

Weekly feeding: stop feeding 1 or 2 days a week. The method of stopping feeding for two days is: stop feeding on Sundays and three times, and feed the feed in a balanced manner during the week for 5 days. This method not only saves feed, but also reduces stress. It is often used to limit the feeding of egg-type chickens during the growing period.

b. Limitation method: It is to stipulate the feed amount of chickens daily, weekly or at a certain stage. When limited feeding is implemented, laying chickens are generally fed 80% to 90% of normal feeding. This method is easy to operate and is widely used, but the diet must be fully priced and does not limit the chicken's feeding time.

c. Quality limitation method: It is to limit the nutritional level of the diet so that certain nutrients are lower than the normal level. Broiler cages generally use low-energy diets, low-protein diets, low-energy low-protein diets, low-lysine diets, etc., which reduce the growth rate of chickens and delay sexual maturity. This method is often used in extensive chicken farming in rural areas.

The above are some feeding methods when using poultry breeding equipment to raise chickens. Experienced farmers may also have their own exclusive methods. I hope everyone can discuss together on the knowledge of chicken raising.

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