26 Sep

Set up your poultry farm on low budget

Poultry farminSet up your poultry farm on low budgetg is a profitable business when you get the right motivation for farming. A farmer shared with me, “I have about 5,500 birds in my poultry farm. Since I can’t manage it myself, I made basic battery poultry cages. They have made it easier for me.”


Although buying poultry chicken equipment will cost me a portion of my money, their use has helped me a lot.


Provide growth space for chickens. When people think of starting a poultry farm, having space is the most basic. It is necessary to provide suitable housing for poultry to allow poultry to move freely, which in turn will increase egg production, especially the production of laying hens. Raising chickens on flat ground will have many health problems. However, the use of an automated chicken cage system can effectively prevent chickens from killing each other and reduce the probability of chickens getting sick.


Use a manure removal system. When constructing the chicken coop, the farmer must ensure that the bottom of the chicken coop is about 1.5 feet above the ground to make it easier and easier to clean the chicken manure.


Ventilation. The most important aspect of a poultry house is to allow a large amount of air circulation around the poultry. A chicken house that is not properly ventilated may accumulate toxic fumes from the feces. This can cause coccidiosis, brooder pneumonia, and other respiratory infections, as well as a foul smell in the chicken house. It is recommended to strengthen the ventilation management of the chicken house.


Cage system. Now the chicken cage system is praised by many people. According to the order of dimensions made by farmers in the future, the cage is built and assembled by the supplier, but its beauty is that it is flexible, so it can accommodate many birds in a small space. In the same cage, the birds can drink, feed and lay eggs. It limits the overflow of feed; minimizes the space, so you can put more birds in a small place, and it is durable. When the birds are in the cage, their movement is restricted, but the feed and energy are converted into egg production.

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