08 Sep

Some suggestions for using broiler cages to manage broilers

Broiler chickens must have special cages during feeding. Broilers have higher requirements for cages. Because broiler breeders are larger in size and weight, special broiler cages should be used. Using broiler cages to raise broilers, in order to prevent the growth of broilers from being restricted, the author makes the following suggestions:

1. When using broiler farming equipment to feed chickens, be sure to master the time. The feeding is even, and only skilled and responsible workers can do this job well.

Before each feeding, calculate the amount of material required for two chickens in a single cage, and use the dustpan to repeatedly load the material for practice. Feeding should be done twice. It is best to leave the rest of the feed when the chickens are fed, and then focus on feeding according to the situation, so as to ensure that the amount of feed in front of each chicken is equal and reasonable. Otherwise it will seriously affect the uniformity of the flock or the egg production rate.

Therefore, breeding managers should fully mobilize the enthusiasm of workers and cultivate a group of responsible and skilled workers to ensure the normal performance of production performance.

2. When using broiler battery cages to raise chickens, due to the high density, it is not conducive to observe the situation in the flock, especially in the brooding period. Therefore, we must carefully observe the inside of the cage to prevent the abnormal situation of the chickens from being found and handled in time.

When the chicks are just transferred to the rearing cage, the flocks will experience short-term restlessness due to the new environment. The chickens that ran out of the cage should be caught in the cage in time, and the chickens should be carefully checked for damage and whether all the chickens can drink water in time.

In addition, in daily management, we should carefully observe the chickens every time, and be well aware of the chickens’ feeding, drinking, feces, mental state, etc., timely prevent diseases, strengthen management, and reduce economic losses


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