20 Sep

Summer chicken precautions in chicken battery cage

The summer weather is hot and the chickens are particularly sensitive to temperature. Every summer, the chickens are hot and the egg production is decreasing. Moreover, the chicken is kept in the chicken battery cages . Therefore, in the summer, the most important thing is to pay attention to the chicken to cool down, change the water frequently, strengthen the hygiene management, and let the chickens spend the summer comfortably.





Add insulation to the house to improve insulation, or build a layer of shade cloth outside the house to reduce the temperature inside the house. A fan or the like can be installed in the house to cool down. Increase the ventilation of the house, and in the summer, you need to reduce the amount of feeding. The feed to the chicken needs to be taken a small number of times in order to avoid contamination caused by eating and causing chicken disease. Every day, excrement such as chicken manure needs to be cleaned up in time, and the floor of the house should be kept dry and clean to avoid breeding of bacteria and viruses, which will cause the chickens to get sick and bring losses to the farmers.


Strengthen management measures, properly adjust the feeding density of chickens to prevent excessive stress and cause heat stress; often disinfect the disease prevention and control work for poultry farm equipment cost in nigeria, the general environmental sanitation is relatively poor, prone to bacterial diseases, should adhere to 2 to 3 times a week Disinfect the chicken, keep the house clean and reduce the disease; in addition, control the mosquito plague, but also keep the chicken house dry, the drinking water of the chicken needs to be replaced every day to ensure clean and cool drinking water.




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