21 Mar

The difference between battery cage system chicken and free-range chicken

The battery cage system chicken pen is much better for free-range chickens for the following 7 reasons.


Maximize space in battery chicken cage systems

A battery chicken cages can hold 96, 128, 180 or 240 birds. Which one to use depends on the choice of the farmer. These cages offer a high return on investment due to proper space management, reduced costs for purchasing medicines, feed management and reduced labor.


less labor

With the battery chicken cage system, farmers need less staff to work on the farm, reducing and increasing operating costs.


increased egg production

Egg production is much higher than in free-range systems because the movement of the chickens is limited in layer chicken cages as the chickens can conserve their energy for production. In a free-range system, chickens move around burning their energy in the process, resulting in lower yields



Reduce the risk of infection

In the battery cage system, the automatic chicken manure removal system cleans the manure, and the chickens cannot directly touch the manure. This means significantly less risk of infection and lower drug costs compared to free-range systems where chickens come into direct contact with manure that contains ammonia and is a serious health hazard.


reduce disease risk

The nightmare of most poultry farmers is disease risk, and most chicken diseases are caused by unsanitary cleaning of utensils. With the chicken cage system, the water is controlled, so the risk of contamination is reduced.


Low egg breaking rate

In battery layer cage systems, the chickens have no contact with the eggs and the eggs roll out of their reach, unlike free-range systems where the chickens break some eggs resulting in a loss of income.


Easier Chicken Feeding and Drinker System

In poultry cage systems to raising chicken, feeding and watering the chickens is much easier and no waste occurs, but in a free-range system, feeding and watering the chickens is stressful and the chickens may experience waste while walking through the feed, Perch on the feeder and soil the feed or trip over the drinker and soil the litter. Wet litter can lead to coccidial infestations, which are also a serious health hazard to chickens.


The above are the advantages of battery cage system compared to free-range chickens. I hope it can help you to have guidance in choosing the way of poultry farming.

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