16 Aug

What are the advantages and disadvantages of broiler cages?

In recent years, with the increasing intensification of broiler culture, the use of broiler cages to raise chickens has attracted more and more attention and rapid development in the industry.

Benefits of broiler cages:

1. Broiler rearing equipment can greatly increase the stocking density of the unit building area. For example, in a four-layer overlapping cage, the flat density of the chicken house can reach 100 per square meter. In a traditional broiler house of 12 meters x 100 meters, the ground level is raised from 15,000 to 20,000 per batch. The amount of breeding in each batch can reach 60,000 to 80,000, that is, within the same building area, the breeding amount is increased by more than 4 times.

2. It is possible to carry out group feeding of males and females, make full use of the growth characteristics of broiler chickens of different genders, increase the feed conversion rate, and make the specifications of the listed cockroaches more consistent and increase economic income.

3. Because cage culture limits the activity of broiler chickens and reduces energy consumption, the production cycle of broiler chickens of the same weight is shortened by 12% and feed consumption is reduced by 13%.

4. Chickens are not in contact with feces, and diseases such as coccidia are reduced.

5. No need for litter, saving the cost of litter.

6. Cage raising facilitates mechanized operation, which can improve labor productivity, greatly reduce labor costs, facilitate scientific management, and obtain optimal economic benefits.

The main disadvantages of broiler cages are:

1. One-time investment in poultry farming equipment is large.

2. Chicken drinking water is limited to two nipples, and sometimes there is insufficient drinking water.

3. Three layers of cages, the underlying lighting is insufficient, affecting growth.

4. The incidence of chest and toe disease is high, and the environment and nutritional conditions are high.

Adopting the model of broiler raising and net broiler, the profit of broiler breeding is less and less. In order to further increase the scale and land utilization rate, the breeding effect will be improved through the scale effect. Broiler cages are very advantageous in scale and management. Stereoscopic or stepped cages are quietly emerging. This farming method is the development trend of broiler farming in the future.

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