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What are the advantages and disadvantages of poultry battery cages?

Poultry battery cages can be fully automatic. It can realize feeding, drinking water, cleaning manure, egg collection, ventilation and so on. It is very advanced and realizes automatic control. This reduces the labor intensity of workers and saves labor costs.

That is, chicken cages are tiers on top of each other like buildings. This kind of equipment was developed in the later period. As land resources are becoming more and more tense, there is less and less land that can be used for breeding purposes, so more and more customers will raise the density The increase is to save land, and the degree of intensification is getting higher and higher. Some even have 8-10 tiers, and a chicken house can raise 100,000 chickens.



The advantages of battery layer cages

Reduce labor costs, realize full automatic control of feeding, feeding, drinking, manure removal, and environment, reducing labor intensity of workers and saving labor costs; There is a manure removal belt at the bottom of each cage, which is clean and hygienic to ensure the health of the chicken;

Small footprint, high space utilization, easy to achieve intensive and large-scale breeding;

Cleaning of chicken manure, easy to collect and centralize processing, high utilization rate of chicken manure, and minimal environmental pollution;

The fully enclosed breeding mode is conducive to preventing the occurrence of infectious diseases and improving the health of chickens.


Battery layer cage disadvantages

Must be closed, automatic temperature control, otherwise the temperature in the chicken house is difficult to control;

The risk factor is relatively high. There are tens of thousands of chickens in a house.

It depends on which type of layer cages, the large-scale layering equipment can hold ten layers, the amount of chickens is large, and the cost is relatively high. Small-scale stacked three to four-layer chickens have a small amount of chickens and are suitable for small-scale breeding.

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