04 Nov

What technology is needed to raise chickens?

The modern chicken-raising model is constantly changing, and the way and management system for raising chickens should be changed accordingly in order to make the chickens grow healthily. Therefore, it is very important to learn chicken raising techniques. By consulting experienced farmers and poultry equipment manufacturers, the author summarizes the following points for farmers to learn.

1. Choosing the location of the chicken farm: The chicken raising method has evolved from the previous free-range maintenance to the current cage and intensive farming. Therefore, the choice of the environmental position of the chicken farm is very important. At this time, farmers should pay attention to stay away from factories and residential areas, and choose to build chicken farms in places with high water, good drainage and sufficient water supply.

2. Think of good sales before raising chicken: Although raising chicken can make a profit, it is only necessary to have a marketable. Therefore, regardless of the high yield and quality of the farmer's flock culture, it is necessary to have a market to obtain benefits before they can make money. Therefore, before raising chickens, farmers should pay attention to the demand for chicken and eggs in the area. They can talk to some food factories or manufacturers who need chicken eggs, so that they can guarantee their own chickens.

3. Learn to formulate full-price feed: In order to achieve good performance in the growth of the flock, the body of the flock must achieve reasonable nutrition. Therefore, only when the nutrition is balanced, the chickens will exert the growth and production performance of the production, so as to bring better benefits to the farmers. When formulating feed, farmers should prepare or purchase according to the various nutrients required for different growth stages. This will allow the flock to achieve standard nutrition at every stage of growth.

4. Develop disinfection procedures: When the chicken house is used for a long time, there will be various pathogenic microorganisms. If the pathogenic microorganisms are not killed in time, the health of the chickens will be seriously jeopardized. Disinfection is an effective means to kill pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, in the process of daily feeding and management, farmers should pay attention to the customary and reasonable disinfection methods and degrees, and periodically disinfect the chicken houses. The chicken house is always safe and hygienic, reducing the possibility of disease in the flock.

5. Customized immunization level: Immunization is an effective way to prevent infectious diseases and is a must for every farmer. Immunization is good, can avoid and reduce the incidence of infectious diseases, and bring protection to the high efficiency of farmers. Therefore, in the daily feeding process, it is necessary to formulate a good immune program according to the epidemic situation of the disease and the actual situation of the chicken house, and choose a good immune method.

6. Pay attention to the accumulation of farming techniques: in the process of daily use of chicken battery cages, farmers should learn to record and summarize. Record the situation and problems of the flock, slowly accumulate experience, and learn to learn farming techniques from experienced farmers.

The above six points are the practical techniques for raising chickens that the new authors have told the majority of farmers. I hope that the above descriptions will bring some help to the farmers, thank you for your attention!

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