24 Aug

What to do if there is dust in the layer cage

Laying hen cages raise chickens. There is dust in the chicken house. It will cause chickens to get sick very easily. Today, I will describe how to remove dust in the chicken coop.


Increase the humidity of the chicken house

Farmers can spray water or combine with chicken house disinfection, and use atomized water to attach dust. Drop the dust on the floor of the chicken house. Farmers are cleaning and disinfecting.


Reduce stocking density

Farmers reasonably arrange the stocking density of chicken coops. Only reasonable breeding density can produce dust reasonably. The stocking density is closely related to the amount of feed, the excrement of the chicken, and the amount of activity of the chicken. These reasonable dusts will not produce too much.


Increase litter

Litter produces less dust than wood chips, straw, rice husk, etc. Farmers can disinfect the chicken house before using litter, which not only reduces dust but also increases air humidity. Then lay the litter to reduce the spread of dust.


Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust

In poultry battery cages environment. Farmers can use vacuum cleaners for ground cleaning and equipment cleaning. Farmers need to pay attention to their actions gently and slowly, so as not to cause a stress response in the flock.

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