09 Jan

Why chicken house need ventilation?

First, the ventilated house can provide adequate ventilation to meet the oxygen requirements of the house.

Second, raises chickens in Poultry Equipment for Sale. It is necessary to ensure the temperature balance in the house and ensure the normal growth and development of the chickens. Therefore, ventilation and ventilation can also adjust the temperature inside the house.

Third, the ventilation of the house can also be stabilized in the house, such as temperature, humidity, and relatively stable in the house environment to prevent the occurrence of environmental tunnels due to natural climate changes.

Fourth, the ventilation is carried out at the end. The chicken house can also discharge the dust and moisture of the chicken house, which can reduce the harmful gas content of the chicken house and prevent the harmful gas from affecting the growth and development of the chicken too much from the chicken house.

Two ventilation methods are available here:

natural ventilation:

Naturally ventilated open houses are generally ventilated through floor windows, skylights or ventilated windows and windows. In the hot season, the natural ventilation cooling effect is not ideal.

Mechanical ventilation:

Mechanical ventilation is divided into positive pressure ventilation and negative pressure ventilation. Most of them now use vertical negative pressure ventilation. Fans are installed on one side of the chicken coop or on the gables near the walls. The gables on one side of the air intake or the gables on both sides, the other parts of the house do not have windows or doors and windows closed. Airflow in the vertical direction of the house.

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