04 Aug

A Beginner's Guide to Setting Up an Intensive Poultry Farm

It's no secret that poultry farming business are a lucrative business. Today, the poultry cage manufacturer will share with you a beginner's guide to the poultry farming industry. You will develop a profitable poultry farming project in Zimbabwe.



What is Intensive Egg Poultry Farming?

Chickens are the most common type of poultry in the world, cheaper and better to keep. And chicken and eggs are one of the animal protein sources that many people like to use. For intensive poultry farming, chickens are raised in the chicken coop and managed centrally. Provide a good living environment for laying hens.

Need to Prepare Before Starting Poultry Farming?

Whether raising broilers, laying hens or chicks. It is necessary for poultry cage equipment manufacturers to understand the battery cage price in Zimbabwe. This is the first step in developing intensive farming. In addition, a well-written poultry farming project plan is required. In this way, when faced with difficulties, you will not give up easily.



How to Start Poultry Farming in Zimbabwe?

  1. It is necessary to learn the knowledge of poultry farming. For example: the growth cycle of broilers, the laying time of laying hens, how to control the temperature of the chicken house, the light station time of the chicken house, etc. Poultry farming is a very delicate project and only those who know the rules can succeed.
  2. Determine the type of chicken to keep. Whether to choose egg-laying chickens, broilers, or chicks. Whichever you choose, you need to have sufficient funds. The larger the production scale, the more capital is required.
  3. Choose a poultry farm location. Choose a place slightly away from the city. Land rents will also be cheaper here, and quiet is a poultry growing. Also, choose a location close to a water source to ensure supply for the poultry farm. Also have easy access to transportation so your poultry is convenient for sale.
  4. Build a chicken house. After you have chosen the location of the coop, you need to build a good coop for your poultry. The house should be designed to protect the birds from severe weather and pests. The chicken houses for the development of intensive farming are open, semi-open and closed chicken houses. Choose according to your budget.
  5. Buy chicken breeding equipment from poultry cage manufacturers. The use of chicken raising equipment makes poultry farming very easy. It can help you manage your birds so they can drink healthy water, eat healthy meals and live in a healthy environment. If your breeding volume is between 5,000 and 30,000 birds, it is recommended that you choose A type chicken cages. The degree of automation can be freely selected, suitable for poultry farming friends with lower budgets. If there are more than 30,000 birds, it is recommended that you buy H-type chicken cages. high degree of automation.
  6. Buy poultry from worthy newcomers. After setting up a poultry house and having purchase battery cage system, it is time to start raising chickens on the farm. Buy quality chicken breeds locally. Try not to choose unhealthy chicks or chicks with bad influence for cheap.
  7. Hire workers for your poultry farm. If you can come by yourself, you can, after all, two people can take care of 30,000 birds using the poultry cage system. If you are too busy to manage it yourself, you will need to hire some workers to assist with the day-to-day management of the poultry.
  8. Proper feeding and management of poultry. Poultry farmers who are beginners can buy processed feed from the market. When you have experience, you can learn to configure it yourself. It should be reminded that different feeds are due to different poultry breeding purposes. Different feeds also correspond to different chicken ages.
  9. Develop a marketing plan to sell poultry. In fact, you need to plan ahead and find a market for this matter. If your poultry products are not available on the market when they grow up, you will lose money. Raising chickens is not the same as buying chickens, you need to have a workable plan and analyze the market so your poultry can be sold.


The above is a beginner's guide to poultry farming projects shared by poultry cage manufacturers. Hope to be able to help everyone. The guidance in this article is just a little bit of poultry farming knowledge, you can also consult a poultry farming friend near you.


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