21 Nov

Attention to the use of clearing equipment when raising chickens

Many large and medium-sized chicken farms have chosen to use chicken and manure equipment in the work of clearing the dung. There are two types of chicken-removing equipment, conveyor belt type manure machine and scraper type manure machine. The conveyor belt type septic machine is suitable for chicken houses using battery chicken cages, and the squeegee type septic machine is suitable for various chicken houses. When using two types of chicken-removing equipment, farmers should pay attention to some points to achieve better efficiency.

First, conveyor belt type manure cleaning machine:

1. Every time before use, farmers should pay attention to first check whether the various devices can operate normally, especially the tightness of the traction rope of the equipment. It should be tightened once a day for the first 7 days and once every 2 to 3 days.

2. The second point is that when the farmer starts the decontamination machine, the farmer must observe it at any time, pay attention to the travel switch, and if there is an abnormal situation, it should stop immediately.

3. Conveyor belt type decontamination machine uses the conveyor belt to clear the feces, so the farmers should regularly clear the feces every day to prevent the accumulation of excessive feces and damage to the conveyor belt.

4. Check the tightness of the traction rope before the scraping of the manure, whether the traction rope at the corner is derailed, and whether the guiding wheel of the scraping board is normal.

5. In the process of cleaning the manure, the scraping manure board is directly sent out of the house, so during the operation of the machine, the farmer should check it in time to see if it is scraped to the designated position.

6. After the decontamination machine has finished working and stops running, the farmer should check whether the fender board is back to normal.

Second, the scraper type cleaning machine:

1. When installing the scraper type septic machine, pay attention to the cement angle fixing device used by the main machine should be buried 50cm underground to prevent the pull out when the tension is too large.

2. The part of the corner of the scraper-type manure remover should not be too long. The outer cut line of the corner wheel should coincide with the center line of the manure. The outer cut line is placed in the center line of the manure, which can prevent the dung board from deviating during the process of clearing the dung.

3. Farmers should pay attention to the working position of the cycloidal pinwheel reducer, which is generally horizontal. The maximum horizontal inclination angle during installation is generally less than 15°, so if it exceeds 15°, other measures should be taken to ensure adequate lubrication and prevent oil leakage.

4. Farmers should pay special attention to the fact that the reducer of the scraper type septic machine is generally free of lubricating oil when it leaves the factory. Therefore, the farmer should add lubricating oil to the reducer before use. When refueling, the vent cap on the upper part of the seat can be screwed to refuel. When draining oil, screw the oil drain plug on the lower part of the base to release the oil.

The above is the author's note, the use of two different types of cleaning equipment in the use of chicken cages, I hope that the above description can help farmers, thank you for your attention!

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