11 Jul

How to improve the growth rate of broiler battery cages?

The broiler battery cages is specially developed for broiler breeding. To overcome broiler breast inflammation caused by hard cage bottoms. The battery chicken cages set is made of good quality Q235 international steel wire rod.


The chickens do not need to be transferred to the cage before being sent to the slaughter house, which saves the trouble of catching the chickens and avoids the possible adverse reactions of the chickens. How can broiler cages be used to increase the growth rate of broilers?


In the fully automatic equipment, we adopt the method of broiler battery cage, and put 2-3 chickens per chicken in the broiler chicken cage. Then install a trough and a water tank in place inside the cage. Through the automatic feeding mechanism and water supply system, we can take care of the poultry's diet on time, so that all poultry can get enough food and water during the feeding process.



At the same time, they can get a lot of growth nutrients. Broiler chicken cages are made of good quality, smooth galvanized material, which can well control the occurrence of foot injuries, infections and other problems during poultry movement.


When manure is produced, it can easily enter the manure collection device from the bottom of the cage, which can facilitate the disposal of chicken manure and ensure a hygienic environment in the breeding environment.


The use of battery cages for feeding, on the one hand, also isolates the chickens very well, preventing the infection of the entire breeding space when some individual poultry is sick, ensuring the overall hygiene of the poultry, and greatly improving the production efficiency.

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