21 Jul

How to make a 20,000 bird chicken farm with only 2 people?

"Modern chicken farms have a high degree of automation, which can realize automatic drinking water, feeding, egg collection, manure cleaning, environmental control, etc. I have raised 20,000 birds in this chicken coop, which can be easily managed by only 2 people. This is all thanks to Poultry farming equipment."



2 person can easily manage a chicken farm with 20,000 chickens

In the poultry farm, rows of battery chicken cages are neatly arranged. There is no smell of traditional chicken farms here, and few people are seen.

According to poultry farmers, there are a total of 20,000 birds in the chicken farm. The building of a chicken farm is 920 square meters. 3.5 meters high. There are 5 rows of A-type layer cages in the chicken farm, each row has 25 groups, each group can breed 160 birds, and each chicken cage can breed 4 birds. Such a chicken house has a breeding capacity of 20,000. Two people can manage it.

In the chicken house, the chicken battery cages, automatic lighting system, automatic water feeding system, automatic egg collection system, automatic temperature control system, automatic manure cleaning system and other equipment are readily available, which realizes the fully automatic operation of the chicken house. With the push of a button, all the equipment will enter the automatic operation mode - feeding, water supply, temperature control, egg collection, air conditioning, feces cleaning.

20,000 laying hens live a life of food and drink here. The main job of the chicken house manager every day is to clean the ground, check the condition of the chickens and the operation of the equipment, and pick up the weak chickens in time.

“This high-density, all-in and all-out advanced feeding mode increases the land utilization rate by more than 3 times. The labor force has been reduced by more than 80%. The high degree of automation ensures that laying hens of the same breed and age are in each breeding area, which not only improves feeding efficiency, reduces production costs, but also effectively prevents epidemic diseases.” Poultry farmers say this.


Eggs in battery cage system for layers can be collected automatically. 20,000 chickens produce about 18,000 eggs a day. To collect so many eggs, it is simply not realistic to rely on labor alone. Here, the egg conveying system will automatically detect the storage situation in the egg collection trough, and the central egg collection belt will automatically transport the eggs to the egg grading workshop for sorting and packing.

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