11 Mar

How to make the layer cage achieve the best results?

In the current chicken industry, many users are using egg hen cage equipment for farming. There are many advantages to using chicken cages to raise chickens, which not only allows farmers to save space, but also increases the use of the chicken house area, and uses chicken cages to raise chickens. It is also easy to manage chickens in cages. However, in the process of breeding, we must pay attention to some problems in order to achieve better results in laying hens and cage chickens. Here we will talk about the advantages and precautions of chicken cage chickens:

1. The layer battery cages are raised in multiple cages, so it is necessary to breed three or four times more chickens than the flat raises, so that the farmers can increase the benefits from the quantity, and the chickens grow and grow in the cages. Production is more convenient for farmers to manage the flocks, and the sanitation environment of the house can be better maintained.



2. In the process of raising chickens in laying hens, chickens are not directly exposed to feces, so cages can greatly reduce the disease caused by fecal infections, reduce the incidence of diseases, and facilitate the handling of feces.


3. The use of laying hens to raise chickens allows the chickens to have enough feeding and drinking water to ensure that each chicken can get reasonable drinking and feeding, so that the uniformity of the chickens is very good.


4. Reduce the labor intensity of the farmers. If the use of flat raising is not only the number of raising, but also the farmers can not manage it, although the number of cages is increased, the chickens are kept in the cages without hindering the cultivation. The households are managed and raised, although the labor intensity is reduced.

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