19 Dec

How to scientifically breed layer chicken?

Laying hens are chickens that specialize in laying eggs to supply eggs. Eggs are the main source of income for laying hens. How can the laying hen be scientifically raised?

Adequate feeding space in battery cage for sales: In order to prevent the phenomenon of chicken eating, it is required to provide sufficient feeding position to ensure that the chicken has the same feeding opportunity and the same amount of material.

Adequate water supply: and supply water for half an hour before feeding to avoid overeating due to hunger.

When using the interval feeding method, it is necessary to master the feed intake of the chicken. Do not feed too much at one time, not only to avoid nutritional deficiency, but also to avoid chicken feed pollution and mildew caused by moisture absorption.

It is not possible to feed different batches of chickens at the same time: in this way, it is easy to cause an increase in the incidence of chickens, affecting the survival rate of chicks and the production performance of chickens.

Do not abuse drugs: long-term use of a variety of drugs to prevent the onset of flocks, resulting in resistance to bacteria in the flock. At the time of onset, various drugs cannot be controlled. Therefore, do not abuse drugs.

The environment should be clean and comfortable: the house should maintain proper temperature, humidity and light and a suitable stocking density. The corresponding management measures are taken in different seasons to keep the house clean and dry, so that the flock can grow and develop in a comfortable environment. The house and the surrounding environment should be cleaned regularly, the manure should be removed regularly, and the ventilation should be ventilated regularly.


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