16 Oct

Several questions about cleaning of layer cages


The chicken battery cages are the place where chickens live in intensive chicken farming. After a long period of use, the chicken coop net will be stained with chicken manure and chicken feed residues. The clean chicken cage can reduce chicken disease. How to clean the chicken cage.

1. Clean chicken coops and cages. Use tap water to clean chicken coops and cages. Do not leave dead corners when cleaning. Feed troughs and water lines should also be thoroughly cleaned to avoid residual feed, dirt and feces.

2. Clean the tray of the egg layer cages,the broiler cage liner is placed at the bottom of a tray. Such trays should be removed at least once a week and scrubbed with a damp cloth.



3. When cleaning the chicken cage, scan or rake out the old shavings together with the accessories and scrub the floor if necessary. Sprinkle a thick layer of pine shavings around the chicken coop, between 8 inches and 12 inches deep. Sometimes the floor of the chicken coop from grains. Add a thin layer of pine shavings to sprinkle more ammonia smell whenever the chicken house. 

 4.After cleaning, we must disinfect the layer cages. The disinfectant should be used in rotation during disinfection, and the dosage should be controlled properly. Before fumigation and disinfection, close the doors and windows of the chicken house, block all gaps, and then calculate the amount of medicine according to the volume of the chicken house.


 5. It is necessary to clean the layer cages once a week, so that the chickens can get a better growth environment under the condition of ensuring hygiene, thereby increasing the growth of the chickens and bringing more and better benefits to the users.

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