02 Sep

The process of using automated chicken breeding equipment for breeding management

In the process of using automatic chicken cages to raise chickens. Many farmers raise chickens according to their own needs. But farmers do this in incorrect ways. Let me explain to you the feeding and management methods of chicken coops.



If it is a novice. Even more attention should be paid to the procedures and operating guidelines for raising chickens.


For example, what to do before entering the chicken. How to prescribe food, what is the immunization process, how to vaccinate, how to feed feed, how to do daily light and ventilation, how to control humidity and temperature, how to prevent and diagnose chicken disease, how to treat chicken disease after diagnosis, How to choose the method of drug administration, and how to deal with some situations (such as chicken pecking feathers, etc.). All of the above are the work content of feeding and management. In other words, the feeding and management process of raising chickens is the whole process of raising chickens.




If you are a chicken farmer with a certain amount of experience, then the management of chicken farming can be summarized as standardized and streamlined.


How long should the light be? How to set the temperature and humidity. What is the amount of water you drink and how much you feed. How to set the time of drinking and feeding. What is the dosage for immunization and treatment, etc. These must have strict standards. And this standard must be very detailed, not a relatively large interval that can be determined by so-called experience. This is standardization.


Process flow is a set of standard processes from chicken in to slaughter. In short, what should be done at any time. When this set of procedures is summarized, chickens will be raised in accordance with this procedure in the future, and the probability of errors in the process of raising chickens will be much smaller. Of course, process-oriented and standardization are strictly unified and complementary.


The above is the management method shared by outstanding chicken cage breeding equipment manufacturers. If you don’t understand anything, you can leave a comment.

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