25 Apr

What are the automatic chicken equipment for chickens?

In the era of mechanized equipment farming, no matter whether it is raising pigs or raising chickens, it is raised by using chicken raising equipment. In particular, the chicken industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and many chicken breeding equipments have appeared, and there are several kinds of equipment. The automatic chicken equipment has been realized, which enables the chicken users to work more easily and efficiently, improve the growth and production capacity of the chickens, and increase the benefits for the farmers. What are the chicken breeding equipments? The automatic chicken equipment manufacturers will come to summarize and share for the farmers.

1. Chicken cage equipment: Chicken cages are the basis for farmers to achieve equipment breeding. Chicken battery cages are divided into three types: egg cages, broiler cages and brooding cages. They are suitable for laying hens, broilers and chicks. In addition, the use of chicken cage culture can increase the number of chickens raised for breeding, and the chickens can be cultured in cages, which makes it easier for farmers to raise and manage, and has many advantages, and has gradually become the main way of raising chickens.

2. Heating equipment: Heating equipment is mainly used for warming and warming work in winter chicken houses. There are many equipments that can be used for heat preservation and heating. Heating methods such as boiler, electric heating, water heating, coal stove, even fire, mantle and so on can be used. However, most of the large-scale farmers now choose boiler equipment for the insulation of the house.
3. Ventilation equipment: the use of equipment to raise chickens must be closed chicken houses, ventilation should be carried out by ventilation equipment, ventilation equipment refers to the fan, according to the flow direction of the airflow in the house, can be divided into horizontal ventilation and There are two types of longitudinal ventilation. The use of fan equipment for ventilation has good controllability, saving time and effort, and high efficiency.

4. Water supply equipment: Water is an indispensable substance for raising chickens. Therefore, drinking water equipment is one of the necessary equipment. From the perspective of saving water and preventing bacterial pollution, the nipple drinker is an ideal water supply equipment, which can realize egg broiler. Automatic drinking water does not require the farmer to manually feed water, and the efficiency is high, but the farmer should pay attention to the need to choose a water dispenser that does not leak water.

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