17 Jan

Why are laying hens easy to catch cold at night?

The most common thing in poultry farms now is the automated layer cage system. After raising chickens for a long time, farmers all know that chickens will have respiratory symptoms when they catch a cold. At the same time, the resistance of chickens will also decrease. At the same time, it will induce a large number of secondary infections, such as Escherichia coli, Newcastle disease and so on. Through our careful summary, we found that chickens are much more likely to catch a cold at night than during the day. What is the main reason for this?

Poor management.

The farmers have a better understanding of the local weather, and close the vents at night to reduce the ventilation volume and ensure the temperature of the chicken house. But after a busy day, people are more tired, and it is easy to doze off, causing the chicken to catch a cold. Sometimes, the weather changes suddenly, and the farmers do not reduce ventilation in time, and cold stress can also occur, causing the chickens to catch cold. Chickens are even more difficult to manage when they are cold-stressed for various reasons and have a cold. Especially in the case of high-density breeding with battery chicken cages, the ambient air quality of the chicken house is poor, and pathogenic bacteria spread rapidly through the air, and chickens will soon develop secondary infection.



Decreased activity

Farmers rest at night, and the chickens we manage will also rest at night. At this time, the activity of the chicken is reduced, and the heat generated by itself is also reduced. Chickens are more sensitive to outside temperature. In this case, chickens are more likely to catch colds when the temperature is the same during the day and at night.

night observation

Many farmers are prone to management errors when they are tired at night. Pay special attention to the flock at night, especially after two o'clock in the evening. After the chicken rests at night, it is relatively quiet. We go into the house to observe the flocks, and we can get a good understanding of the respiratory symptoms and the feces of the flocks. It can detect the abnormal situation of chickens in time and control the disease quickly.

Poultry equipment manufacturers share the reasons why laying hens are prone to colds at night, so farmers must immunize their flocks to prevent this from happening, and usually strengthen the feeding and management of chickens to ensure adequate nutrition and improve the disease resistance of chickens.

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