25 Aug

Why use layer cages to raise chicken coops should pay attention to ventilation

The number of chickens raised in layer cages is large and the density is high. Farmers need to ventilate in time to ensure the environment of the chicken house. In the daily breeding process, the ventilation of the chicken house is very important.


The ventilation of the chicken house will directly affect the healthy growth of chickens. The healthy growth of chickens is inseparable from oxygen. Adequate oxygen in the chicken house can promote the blood circulation of the chicken. Ensure the healthy growth of chickens. Make the feed work. Especially the closed chicken house. Failure to ventilate in time will cause the flocks to breathe in harmful gases and cause illness.


In the daily breeding process, farmers can open the doors and windows to remove many harmful gases in the chicken house. The carbon dioxide, dust, and excess heat in the chicken house can be exhausted through effective ventilation. Provide plenty of fresh air for the chickens.


In the later period of breeding, farmers should pay more attention to ventilation. As the laying hens start to lay eggs in the later stages and the feed intake increases. Then the chicken manure increases, and the harmful gas increases. If the farmers do not ventilate in time, it will lead to a poor environment in the chicken house and affect the laying of eggs.


The above is the necessity of chicken ventilation shared by the suppliers of automated chicken breeding equipment. Hope the above description can help farmers.

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