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03 Dec

Measures to deal with chicken stress response in farms

Many farmers have chicken battery cages cost when they raise chickens, and chicken stress reactions also occur when raising chickens. So how do you deal with chicken stress responses in chicken houses?




1. Farmers should start from the growth characteristics of laying hens, provide them with a good, quiet and comfortable growing environment, temperature and humidity control, and ventilation management must be scientific and reasonable to avoid the hen house caused by poor ventilation. Humidity and air pollution, to avoid the stress of bad environment.

2. Farmers should ensure the stability of feeding throughout the breeding process, such as laying hens drinking water, feeding, disinfection and other environments, must be in order, time is regular, farmers should also pay attention not to cut off water, lack of feed .

3. In the breeding process, farmers should control the environment of the chicken house, such as fixed switch light time, cool down in summer and keep warm in winter to prevent the adverse effects of high and low temperature on laying hens. Prevention and control measures should be taken in time in the autumn where the temperature changes greatly, and in rainy seasons, it is necessary to do a good job of preventing storms.

4. In the breeding farm for laying hens, farmers should be careful not to yell or shout, and be careful not to build the hen house in a noisy place.

5. Laying hens need different feed ingredients at different growth stages, so farmers need to change feeds at a certain stage, and there must be a transition stage in the process of changing feeds, so as to ensure the smooth adaptation of broilers in battery cage system for broiler price in india.

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