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03 Jan

Reasons for the decline in chicken feed intake on the farm

When chickens are raised in summer, the feed intake of chickens will decrease due to the high temperature. In fact, the decline of feed intake in hot summer chickens is more common, especially in the late stage of broiler breeding. So what are the reasons in battery cage system for layers price in india?


In the hot weather of summer, bacteria are prone to breed and cause disease in chickens. Many chicken diseases can cause the loss of appetite of chickens, resulting in a decline in feed intake. This will not only occur in summer, but will occur throughout the year. In addition, the chickens drink plenty of water in the summer, and the intestines are prone to problems. If ventilation and cooling are not well controlled, heat stress or cold may cause some chicken diseases, resulting in chicken appetite loss. Chicken farmers can combine other symptoms to diagnose chicken disease and treat it symptomatically, so as to solve the problem of reduced feed intake of chicken flocks.



The most important thing to raise chickens in summer is to prevent heatstroke and cool down. Although there are various ventilation facilities and water curtains, it is still difficult to achieve the ideal temperature for all chickens in the house. If the temperature is not controlled well, the flock will have mild or severe heat stress. Once the heat stress, the flock will like to drink water, eat less, and the feed intake will naturally decrease. Therefore, strengthening the exhaust air, increasing the wind speed, and using more water curtains to ensure that the chickens are not exposed to the cold, to maximize the control of heat stress, are the key links to avoid the chickens' appetite in the summer.





Nowadays, if chickens are raised, the living environment of the chickens is relatively poor, the living space is small, and the density of the chickens is high. This makes it easier for the chickens to dissipate heat in summer. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the feeding density properly in summer. In addition, reasonable nutritional matching, suitable feed ratio and mouthfeel, and the addition of some additives or traditional Chinese medicine preparations to regulate intestinal tract, improve immunity, prevent heatstroke and lower temperature, can help reduce the loss of appetite in chickens.


Diseases in the intestines of chickens can cause discomfort in the chicken and cause shavings. Chicken shavings caused by coccidiosis are common. After coccidiosis occurs in the chicken, the intestinal mucosa swells and the chicken will feel pain. At this time, the chicken will refuse to eat large particles of food to reduce its own pain. At the same time, when coccidiosis occurs in chickens, the chickens will show irritability, and high-density feeding during the brooding period will be accompanied by mutual pecking in chicken poultry farming equipment.



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