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29 Nov

Where is the automation of modern poultry farming equipment?

Modern poultry farming equipment is necessary for farmers to carry out poultry breeding projects, helping farmers to better realize intensive and scientific breeding mode and save labor. So in what aspects can poultry farming equipment be automatic? Introduced below.

Feeding automation. Automatic chicken raising equipment mainly includes automatic feeding, feeding machinery, automatic water supply system, etc. Farmers no longer need manual feeding and water feeding. An automatic poultry feeding system can be realized.



Egg collection is automatic. The use of automatic chicken raising equipment is used for the classification and storage of eggs, the processing of by-products, the processing and packaging of eggs, the slaughter, segmentation, and packaging of chickens, the processing of animal protein, and the drying of chicken manure. These can achieve mechanized operations, which not only reduces the rate of broken eggs, but also promotes the flow of operations from chicken to product in the chicken farm.

Epidemic prevention and sanitation automation. The epidemic prevention work of chicken farms was difficult to do before. Once fowl plague is prone to occur, it will cause large-scale infections; the use of automated chicken breeding equipment can be used for washing and disinfecting  battery chicken cages, and medicine syringes for chickens. Equipped with cremation facilities.

The above is the embodiment of modern poultry farming equipment in automatic poultry farms. Help farmers to better manage chicken house and promote the mechanization and flow of farms.

26 Nov

Several professional questions when buy battery chicken cages for automated poultry farming equipment

With the rapid development of the breeding industry, automatic chicken breeding equipment has been deeply loved by farmers. However, there are many types of poultry farming equipment on the market now, and it is difficult for farmers to buy poultry farming equipment. Here are some professional issues shared by automated poultry equipment manufacturers for farmers. Farmers need to know before buying.

  1. Determine the material of thechickencage

If the farmers want to make the chickens have a suitable living environment, they must first ensure the strength and toughness of the cages. The cages can be restored by themselves when they are deformed by holding the cages. This cage is suitable for the life of the chickens and will not be caused by the cages. It is hard and causes pectoral bursitis in chickens.

        2.  what antiseptic method is used

Observe whether the surface of the chicken cage is smooth and whether the gloss is good. Generally, the surface of the cage made by hot-dip galvanizing process is relatively smooth and will not cause scratches to the chickens, and the gloss of the cage is relatively good, and it looks beautiful and generous. The most important thing is that the battery layer cages processed by hot-dip galvanizing are corrosion resistant, will not rust, and have a long service life.


  1. Chassis setting skills

Since laying hens will lay eggs during the breeding process, farmers should pay attention to the wire spacing of the cages and the inclined surface of the chassis when purchasing cages. In order to ensure that the eggs can roll out smoothly without cracking, now, generally The wire distance is about 1.5 cm, and the slope of the chassis is 7-8 degrees.

  1. Choose a regular poultry cage manufacturer

The most important point is that when purchasing cages, farmers must go to a regular large manufacturer to purchase, because the process of production equipment of large manufacturers is strictly inspected, and the price of products directly sold by the manufacturer will be higher than the price of the equipment in the hands of the agent. Low. This not only guarantees the quality of the purchased products, but also saves a lot of purchase funds.

25 Nov

Use poultry farming equipment to carry out chicken farming projects

With the increasing demand for chicken products in the market, farmers have found that it is feasible to use poultry farming equipment to develop the chicken farming projects.

The first step to make money in the chicken industry is to ensure the survival rate of the chickens. This is first of all to ask the farmers to buy it in a regular store. This is easy for the farmers. The other is to use battery chicken cages to manage the chickens, and the chickens will give you corresponding rewards.



If you want to keep chickens alive, you need to pay attention to the use of automatic chicken raising equipment. Farmers who want to use automatic chicken raising equipment will have a tangled point: the quality of cheap chicken raising equipment cannot be guaranteed, and the price of good equipment is relatively speaking. It's too expensive. The mismatch between chicken farming equipment and your own breeding plant causes a waste of resources. It is not easy to choose a suitable farming equipment.

Now the poultry farming equipment is a good helper for the chicken project. Farmers must choose trusted manufacturers when purchasing equipment. Because good equipment is a good start for the breeding industry.

23 Nov

Introduction of drinking water device of automatic chicken farming equipment

One of the most commonly used equipment in various automatic chicken farming equipment is an automatic drinking water system. Once there is a problem in use, it will cause a lot of headaches for farmers, so today I will do a simple sorting job. 

First of all, the problem that may arise in the drinking water equipment in the fully automatic chicken farming equipment is that everyone is not clear about the role of the drinking cup of the drinking nipple of the brooding chicken and the role of the tank in the middle of the chicken house, or the drinking line is deformed and the chickens cannot drink at the same time. , I don’t know what to do when there are problems such as lack of waterline recoil device.




For these problems, we believe that everyone needs to conduct specific analysis based on the actual situation. The problems encountered by each chicken farm are different. Even if the problem is the same, the cause of the problem may be different, and the solutions are naturally different. For example, to solve the chickens. The problem of not being able to drink water at the same time can be carried out by thickening the drinking water pipe to increase the water pressure or adopting a separate water supply method for each layer.

In addition, if some farmers are accustomed to drinking water to administer the drug, it is necessary to clean the filter regularly to ensure the normal use of the drinking water equipment in the fully automatic chicken farming equipment.

22 Nov

How does broiler cage equipment work?

Automatic broiler cage equipment is a relatively superior equipment. The advantages of broiler cage equipment are very many. Broiler cage equipment can make the work of breeding staff more and more relaxed. So how does broiler cage equipment work? of?




   1. The key to broiler cage raising equipment is composed of layer cage system, feeding system, drinking water system, lighting system, waste disposal system, automatic egg collection system, and natural environment automatic control system.


  2. Professionals in the breeding industry are convinced that fully automated chicken breeding equipment is critical to the happy growth of chickens. Chicken breeding equipment is designed and made according to the requirements of breeding, and there are many types.

   Chicken cage has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, space saving, uniform spacing, flat mesh surface, high welding strength, and convenient use. The material is mainly stainless steel wire, iron wire, cold galvanized wire, hot-dip galvanized wire, simple structure, broiler cage production base, easy to operate, strong and durable.

The three-layer manure belt map of the broiler cage can effectively prevent the phenomenon of chickens pecking feathers and anus. Reduced the rate of broken eggs and laying hen fatigue syndrome. Raising in chicken cages saves space, and centralized management saves energy and resources. It greatly saves space and effectively reduces the incidence of diseases. The unique cage door design effectively prevents chickens from wasting feed, and has a very high degree of automation, which effectively improves labor productivity and also improves the breeding efficiency of farmers.

20 Nov

Automatic poultry farming equipment that can make money for farmers

With the increase in market demand, many farmers find that raising chickens can increase their income, so how to promote an effective increase in economic value in a limited space? The answer, of course, is to use automatic chicken farming equipment.

If you want to raise chickens to make money, the first thing you must ensure is to keep the chickens alive. This is what each farmer can achieve and achieve through its own efforts. Experienced farmers can achieve this. Use automatic chicken farming equipment to treat the chickens well. The chicken will give you a corresponding return.


If you want to keep chickens alive, you should pay attention to the use of automatic poultry equipment. Farmers who want to use automatic chicken raising equipment will have a tangled point: the quality of cheap chicken raising equipment cannot be guaranteed, and good equipment is relatively expensive. It's too expensive. The mismatch between chicken breeding equipment and your own breeding plant causes a waste of resources. It is not easy to choose a suitable breeding equipment.

Therefore, when farmers want to purchase automatic chicken raising equipment, they must choose a poultry cage system manufacturer with many years of production experience, and the quality will be guaranteed.

18 Nov

Necessary functions in automatic chicken farming equipment

Automatic chicken breeding equipment in large chicken farms is very popular among farmers. They not only improve the work efficiency of the entire chicken farm, but also reduce labor costs. So what are the necessary equipment for raising chickens?


  1. Battery chicken cages are the foundation of poultry farming equipment. It is generally composed of a bottom net, a subscription net, a rear net, a front net, and a cage door.
  2. Manure removal equipment is also indispensable. It can clean chicken manure to a designated location, so that it can be easily cleaned up. At the same time, cleaning chicken manure at least once a day can ensure the environment in the chicken house.
  3. Feeding and water feeding equipment, its use can reduce manual workload, thereby reducing labor costs, making feeding and water easier, and also avoiding the growth and development of chickens caused by workers who do not feed water in time.
  4. Automatic egg collection equipment. In large-scale chicken farms, the production of eggs is large, so the workload of manual egg collection is large. Sometimes eggs are not collected in time and damaged eggs. Therefore, the use of automatic egg collection equipment with automatic chicken breeding equipment can effectively avoid This happens.



The above is the necessary chicken raising equipment shared by the automatic chicken cage system manufacturers. I hope that the above sharing can be helpful to the farmers.

17 Nov

How to build a chicken coop

How should chicken coops be constructed to facilitate operation and management? The facilitating production, management, and disease prevention work should be considered before the construction of chicken coops. The chicken coop should adapt to the needs of factory production, facilitate intensive operation and management, and improve the economic efficiency of breeding and product quality.



1. First of all, it is necessary to satisfy the functions of the chicken battery cage and create a good living environment for the growth, development, production and health of the chickens.


2. It meets the requirements of epidemic prevention and is conducive to the control of epidemic diseases. Conducive to the protection of the environment, the construction and planning of chicken farms should be based on achieving good environmental effects, with the goal of creating a pollution-free and pollution-free green and ecological chicken farm.


3. It meets the construction requirements, is conducive to construction, saves costs, and reduces construction costs.


4. The construction plan and layout of the chicken house should comprehensively consider the natural conditions such as the terrain, water source, traffic, dominant wind direction, and flow direction on the site, and take the starting point of facilitating production, management and epidemic prevention, saving construction funds and saving land area. First, consider protecting the production and living environment of the producers and the surrounding people, and try to keep them free from feed dust, feces and odors; secondly, provide a clean and suitable production environment for the chickens to prevent adverse factors from affecting the chickens , Provide a good environment for the production of pollution-free products.

17 Nov

The reason why automatic poultry farming equipment has become a trend

Now that the animal husbandry industry is showing a period of rapid development, the change brought about by this growth is that more and more large-scale farms replace small-scale farmers and become the main force of the market. Now the breeding industry pays attention to modern, large-scale, and intensive positive assets, and automatic poultry farming equipment has become a topic of concern.

Nowadays, many farms have achieved large-scale breeding, and it is necessary to carry out sustainable development. Because large-scale farming is only the increase in the number of farms and the high degree of automation, it can only go more long-term if it matches the long-term development.

The use of automatic poultry breeding equipment can greatly improve the breeding environment of the chicken house. If the breeding environment is improved, the overall health of the chicken flock will be improved, and the resistance to disease will also be improved, which virtually reduces the use of drugs. And the establishment of an automatic chicken house forms a relatively sealed environment, which is conducive to the environmental control of the chicken farm. In addition, the automatic chicken house saves feed, fuel and other breeding resources.

The above is the reason why the modern poultry farming equipment shared by the automatic chicken cage system manufacturers has become a trend. Hope that farmers are more willing to use poultry equipment to develop the breeding industry.

08 Nov

Chicken breeding skills in poultry battery layer cages

In recent years, raising chickens in poultry battery layer cages has become a trend. Raising chickens in chicken cages can greatly save the breeding area, increase the number of breeding, and the farmers will also be better managed. Although there are many benefits, farmers also need to pay attention to some skills.


  1. 5-day-old life and death: chickens are basically shaped at 5 days old, but three elements are needed to reduce chicken deaths: high-quality chicks, appropriate temperature and humidity, and high-quality drugs.
  2. 35-day-old life: On the thirty-fifth day of the laying hens, you must choose poorly physique chickens, raise them, and supplement them with good nutrition. At this time, the average level and weight determine the later egg production rate and egg size, peak time, the number of culled chickens, etc. Suggested plan: The selected weak chickens are raised separately, and light can be appropriately supplemented to promote feeding. PS: Before the laying hens are 70 days old, adding more light in the later stage has no effect on the laying hens.
  3. Set high yield at 80 days of age: At 80 days of age, the ovaries and fallopian tubes in this layer begin to develop. At this time, it is most likely to be infected with bacteria such as rod-shaped and Salmonella, leading to poor development of the fallopian tube and this layer of ovary and refractory inflammation of the late fallopian tube, leading to many phenomena, such as low peak period, poor eggshell quality, and failure to eliminate fallopian tube inflammation.
  4. Pay attention when the egg production rate is 5%: At this time, the chickens have just started laying eggs, and they are most likely to have endocrine disorders and spleen and stomach disorders, which are characterized by sparseness, no defecation, slow feeding, and low resistance. This is the period of high-speed follicle development and fallopian tube formation, so it is necessary to regulate the spleen, stomach and endocrine, supplement nutrients and increase the body's resistance.
  5. Pay attention to the 50% oviposition rate: At this time, most chickens have already begun to lay eggs, the fallopian tube is relatively stressed, and it is prone to fallopian tube inflammation. Follicles develop rapidly, require more nutrients, and the liver and kidneys are more loaded. At this time, the body's resistance is very low. Therefore, at this time, chickens should mainly reduce inflammation, regulate fallopian tubes, increase resistance and supplement balanced nutrition.
  6. Attention should be paid when the egg production rate reaches 90%: the egg production rate has officially reached its peak at this time, but there are still 10% non-laying hens. If you want to obtain better egg production performance in the chicken group, you need to do three things: 1. Use Chinese medicine to promote the development of the fallopian tube and promote the development of follicles. 2. Eliminate inflammation of the fallopian tubes. 3. Supplement nutrition to increase body resistance.

The above is the skill of laying chicken cages shared by manufacturers of automatic poultry farming equipment. Hope it can be helpful to farmers.


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